Why Arvind don’t like HP FULL HD Touchscreen Android AIO Desktop?Help me Find Reason

You must have wondered who is Arvind and what does it matter to anyone whether he likes HP FULL HD Touchscreen Android All in one Desktop or not. Well to clear he is certainly not Arvind Kejriwal or any famous person, but he is my best friend Arvind Panwar and quite famous among engineering students(Can’t understand why :P). I am writing this article to know your opinion about my friend, is he right about not liking HP Slate 21-k100 All-in-One Desktop PC or wrong. The story goes like this, Yesterday we are looking for a laptop in the market and entered HP showroom where i saw a big screen monitor with Android Jelly Bean Operating System running on it. My first impression was someone connected a Tablet or Mobile with monitor, but then i noticed the specifications which shows NVIDIA Quad Core Tegra Processor and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) OS. Instantly i asked Arvind to look and hoping to see excitement on his face but his response was what is this(kya bakwaas hain ye). This is very unusual and when i asked about such horrific reaction he said what will you do with this. My sudden answer or you can say argument was what we can’t do as there are almost all apps available such as Kingsoft office which can be used for office work like Word, Excel etc. Then we did some hands on the HP AIO Android based system and found touch response was excellent and i can say the best that we have ever used in either mobile or tablet. But as usual Arvind is so adamant about his opinion, i have to ask by writting a post that is there anything not to like about HP AIO Android Based system.


HP Slate 21-k100 All-in-One Desktop PC Features

Before i ask about your opinion about who is right me or Arvind, i am going to discuss some of the features of HP FULL HD Touchscreen Android All in one Desktop. HP Slate 21-k100 All-in-One Desktop PC is a 21.5 inch monitor with white panel and comes with FULL HD IPS Display screen. The system is powered with NVIDIA® Tegra® Quad-Core T40S (1.6 GHz, 2 MB L2 cache, 4 cores) which is supported by 1 GB 800 MHz DDR3 RAM. The system comes with 8 GB Cache Module Hard Disk which is expandable up to 2TB. As far my experience goes with the device i loved it but as i say in the title my friend Arvind doesn’t. In the video below you can see Hand on Review of HP Slate 21 All in One Review done by thinkdigit.com.


HP Slate 21-k100 All-in-One Desktop PC Price in India is Rs. 29,990 and it is easily available in the market from HP Store. I have spent bit of time working on the device and found it very user-friendly. Touch response is excellent and felt no problem i scrolling screen sideways. Now the question that i ask in this post is Who is Right? Me since i like the device very much or Arvind who didn’t like it much. Comment below to let me know your opinion about HP FULL HD Touchscreen Android All in one Desktop


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