Are Facebook LIVE And Instagram LIVE Similar? If Yes, How?

Both Instagram and Facebook have made it possible for people to express themselves in the way they like. These platforms have also worked for businesses by making it possible to reach their audiences. The interesting thing is that you can find many new features being introduced on both Instagram and Facebook, and one extremely popular feature is how you can go Live with ease. Have you found notifications on your Instagram and Facebook account about people going Live?  You may be wondering if it is a good idea to use these features, and if yes, which platform you should be selecting.

The truth is that you can use Instagram Live to your advantage, and it may help you win new followers and likes. Though a company like Gramblast can certainly help here, you need to learn about features that can keep your followers intact. But if you are interested in using the Live feature, you may want to learn about the best platform and their similarities.

To some extent, Facebook Live and Instagram live are similar, and here is how –

  • In both, once enabled, users will get on-site and push notifications about the brand (they are following) going live
  • In both, the video creator gets to know how many people are watching the live streaming (real-time)
  • With both FB and IG live, viewers can engage with the video in real-time (as it is happening) and can leave comments or like it at any stage in the video. The video creator will also be able to see this, and they can engage with the viewers in real-time.
  • Both are live-broadcasts – that are happening in real time and shot with the in-app camera.

Being life is a huge engagement and allows live interaction – face to face. Users get notifications and real-time interaction – which are shared between both the platforms which make it beneficial for users to increase engagement and followers.

While similarities seem quite a lot, there are few differences too. For the feature similarities, both FB and IG live work differently.

How Facebook Live Works

Facebook life can be created and broadcasted from a desktop or Facebook mobile app. Similarly, users can view the video from any device they like to.

When you start a live video, not all your fans will be notified – the ones who have turned on their notification settings will be informed. People who are scrolling through the feed or are looking at your page will be able to view your live video from the current time. When the video is over, you can save the video, and it will be saved in your saved videos. You can also make it as a permanent post on your Facebook page. It is a good option because the content can work for you for a long time and anyone can view it anytime and comment on it or even share it. This solves two purposes – engaging with your audience and enhancing your visibility.

How Instagram Live Works

Instagram Live is a feature of Instagram stories as of now and disappears after 24 hours. When you go live, all your followers are notified. There is a section “explore,” where your video will be given priority. With this feature, you can significantly expand your reach and connect with new users who may want to know more about your business.

The downside of it – you can’t save the video once you aren’t live. Yes, that’s true. Videos cannot be saved for future or let’s say Instagram doesn’t provide that option “as of now.” In future, we may be able to hear some good news from them regarding an update on this feature. So, here is the advantage – because you can’t save it, it’s like an exclusive content – like a TV interview, and of course creates a sense of urgency – because it’s now or never. This precedes over the disadvantage of not having able to see it when you aren’t live.

Now, with the big differences known, you can plan your strategy and use either of these, based on your target audience and the purpose of creating the video.

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