Apps that all Students must know about

There are numerous apps which are useful, informative and boost the studying process of students. These apps not only make the study easier but fun too. In this post, check out the list of apps that all students must know about.


This app is useful in organizing the main tasks especially for students as they often create to-do lists. It also synchronizes your tasks on all devices so it can be accessed anywhere. Students can use their voice or touch-based interface to create tasks. They can easily prioritize tasks or mark them completed.

  1. EasyBib

Students require writing essays quite frequently. One of the tough parts in essay writing is the citations. Students often get confused here and make a lot of mistakes. Therefore EasyBib can be perfect for writing it right. The app can work properly with Google Doc and generate the MLA and other style citations for free. The great feature about this app is it corrects the punctuations and spelling mistakes too. Students can take the aid of cheap essay writing service for effective essays, as well.


The life of students is very busy and they are not always able to keep themselves up to date. is a perfect resource to receive the news from various sources in the same place. Students can join the topic of interest and consolidate all news into one feed. The goal is to build the network from the trusted sources.

  1. Scribd

It provides access to the best books, magazines, documents and much more. The app makes it easy for students to stay informed, feed the curiosity and discover new passions. It is the perfect app for reading. Students can access the articles from the reputed journals such as The New York Times, the financial times, etc.

  1. Mathway

Mathway is one of the smartest calculators in the world. It is capable of solving the most difficult problems from algebra to calculus. It acts as a private tutor providing instant help anywhere anytime on the fingertips. The app is easy to use and provide effective results. The best thing is it lets you know the whole process of mathematical calculations.


This is a helpful app for those who read and write a lot. In fact, students can find some synonyms with the thesaurus available on hand. This app will provide the correct meaning of all those tricky words you aren’t sure about.  Students can learn to pronounce the words and explore etymology to have good command in the language.

  1. Office Lens

It is helpful in capturing the lectures taught in the class and converting them into a more readable form. The OCR transfers the documents into formatted texts that are easy to access. The scanning is so effective that there is no problem of blurring or shadow. In addition, the contact details are converted in the form of business cards which save a lot of physical space. These business cards can be accessed from anywhere anytime.

  1. myHomework Student Planner

This app is effective in making students remember to bring all the things to class. Students can categorize their tasks and prepare to-do lists based on the priority along with the due dates. In addition, the app sends regular notifications and students can easily cross the completed tasks once they are done. The interface is easy to use with proper tracking of tasks. Above all, it saves a lot of time as students don’t have to remember what to do and when.

  1. Amazon

This app has special membership programs for students namely “Amazon Prime Student”. They can avail the free 6 months trial which can be cancelled anytime without any cost. The best advantage of this membership is students can have free shipping of millions of items on the app. Kindle can be accessed from the collection of 8,00,000 Titles. Most importantly, students can also avail the discount of 50% on paid plans.

  1. StudyBlue

Students can access their notes from anywhere anytime through this app turning the boring trips into the productive ones. They can access millions of flashcards conveniently on just one click. The best thing students can share digital cards and customize their study materials.

These are effective apps that all students must know for saving time and increasing their efficiency in class.

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