AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition Review

As a user of Windows, we believe you must have been annoyed by the problems occurred on your hard drive partitions at least once in the past—-if you don’t have any third party partition management software installed on your PC. This is all because Microsoft does not offer the users with a partition management solution that is equally good as other Windows built-in applications, such as Office or Outlook. In this case, many developers have attempted to fill this blank with their own software. Some of their products are really good in functions but often comes with a high price. Here today we would like introduce you a competent freeware specially designed for Windows partition management—-AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition. It’s free for both personal use and commercial use.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition Review

The first impression of APASE is quite comfortable because of its simple and well laid-out user interface. All the frequently used functions have been put into the quick wizard pane on the left side. Thus one can easily find the option that he/she would like to use immediately after launching the software. The right hand side of the main interface is similar to Windows built-in Disk Management. The space allocation of each partition is displayed in the partition map bar at the lower part. Besides, we can get more information from the list on top. 

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Another fantastic design that we really like in APASE is almost all the functions can be operated in a visual way: There always will be a graph showing you various information about the partition in the process. Like the used space, free space, or their positions on the hard drive. Therefore the user can always manage their partitions in a straightforward as well as convenient way.

AOMEI Partition Assistant-1

As for the functions, APASE covers all the basic ones of managing partitions. It allows us to extend, shrink, move, create, copy, merge, delete, split, recover, delete, format, wipe or hide partitions. Also, most of these operations could be completed within Windows. Despite of being a freeware, what really make APASE shine are its advanced functions. Such as NTFS to FAT32 converter (especially useful to PS3 and XBOX360 users), migrate OS to SSD (SSD is no doubt the first choice for most users to upgrade), align partitions (vital to the performance of SSD), convert MBR and GPT. When using these functions, the user can always get instructions in each step. And they often come with some explanatory graphs. In our test, APASE did prove itself extremely easy-to-use and reliable. 

If you are looking for a solution for partition management but you don’t want to pay for much, we sincerely recommend this full-featured and powerful freeware to you.

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