Answering why with bulk SMS services …

The popularity of SMS is pretty unquestioned and justified in today’s technical world. Using messaging services one can easily connect with anyone across the globe and simultaneously communicate with them with worrying about the geographical boundaries and demographics. Furthermore, the recent studies have figured that a message once sent to the recipient is read just within three minutes of its delivery. Thus, the message gets registered instantaneously in the mind of recipients as soon as it is received. Understanding such potential of messaging services, various business units have been exploring the avenues of messaging services in business marketing. Keeping in mind the vast network and colossal customer base of enterprises, messaging services tent itself as bulk SMS services in business marketing.

As the name indicates, Bulk SMS service is the new evolved marketing technique that prevails the industry. The bulk messaging technique is a personal way to connect with hundreds of thousands of target audiences within seconds and simultaneously cherish a firm communication between the business unit and the target audiences.

Popularly known as the new era marketing technique, Bulk messaging has been studied and utilized worldwide by business units of all domains and business scales. Given below are the top 5 reasons why one must choose bulk SMS services for its business marketing.

  • Technology that reaches all …

Owing to the enhanced mobile technology and globally webbed telecommunication, every denizen of today’s global village as easy access to basic mobile phones that have active messaging services within it. Thus, the business can send and spread its business word to various sects of target audiences having been assured that the message is always received by the recipients with its complete potential.

Furthermore, since the telecommunication network is widely and effectively spread all across the globe, the business users’ face no geographical restrictions and are allured by sending humongous messages without bothering about geographical distances. The messages can reach the target recipients present in industrialized cities, urban, suburban and even rural lands across the globe. Thus, wherever the recipient resides, the business can establish business communication with him/her by using bulk SMS services.

  • Financial friendly and Cost-effectiveness marketing …

Business marketing is one of the most crucial segments of the business. Speaking with the statistics, it stands to be the second most segment where business units invest their budget. However, for a successful marketing campaign it is important that the campaign remains economic and the budget-friendly, yet never compromise on the core of reaching out to the audience.

Bulk messaging has proved itself to be the most effective business marketing technique the era has seen till date in the marketing industry. Furthermore, it is anticipated that owing to the technical advancements in the field of telecommunication, bulk messaging will sustain being cost-effective even in the coming future. On average, it is estimated that 100 SMSs cost only 5 rupees for any medium scaled business industry.

  • User convenience …

In comparison to the calling, messages are always preferred by us. The reason for such favorability is pretty obvious. Many times, it is not possible to receive calls and often they tend to interrupt the personal space of ours. However, SMS feature to be simply delivered on the desired mobile number and can be read by the recipient at his/her own convenience. Thus by using SMS services, the business is ensured sending their business word to the recipients without interrupting recipient’s personal space.

  • Quick response and feedback collection …

While some messages are sent by business users with a motive of promoting their brand/services; some of the messages are sent with an intention to collect feedbacks. Bulk messaging enables sending messages which consist of links that can be accessed by recipients. This links can be delegated for collecting feedbacks or routing the users to a particular page/website/image on the internet. Not only this feature of link addition makes user interaction easy and fun loving but also ensures fast and responsive feedback collection.

  • Speed

Bulk messaging is the fastest method of reaching to the recipients till date. The intended message is sent and received within seconds and thus make a quick impression in the minds of its readers. With an average read time of only three minutes, the business is assured that it’s business world has made its deemed impact on the readers within the given time frame.

Amongst many, these five reasons make bulk messaging a sure shot marketing technique that shall be harnessed by every business unit. is a leading pioneer in the field of business marketing that has been providing bulk SMS solutions to its business clients. Based in Indore, serves to be a one-stop point get to acquire all bulk messaging services at your business disposal.

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