[Android] Easy Touch – App to control Settings from single button

I am starting reviewing latest Android App and first App that i am going to review is – Easy Touch is a button which looks like Assistive Touch on iPhone, and it’s All Free. It floats on your phone screen(floats on others app), you can move it to any where. Easy Touch App is very useful in managing all your setting from one button.

Things that Easy Touch can do

There are lot of things that Easy Touch makes easy and simpler to use. From the click of button you can navigate to all of the main settings that can be done in Android based phone. After you install Easy Touch you will notice a small button in the right end corner of your device screen like in the figure shown below.

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Clicking the button will popup a screen containing the icons of most of the settings that can be control via Easy Touch. See figure below for the popup menu of Easy Touch

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I check the Easy Touch for Settings and Lock Screen menu which works perfectly fine. After clicking on Lock Screen, you will be ask initially to grant permission to the Easy Touch App to manage the Lock Screen functionality of your device. Once you provide with the permission next time you click on the Lock screen the device will gets locked. I personally like this feature because now i don’t have to use the hard key to lock my device, use of which can result in malfunctioning of the button. After i click the settings button i found the icons of most of the settings like Brightness, Auto rotate, Wifi, etc. See figure below

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Download Easy Touch

Conclusion : I found the App very interesting and useful, especially the Lock Screen functionality. Give it a try and share your experience. 

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