Top Android Apps to Download Torrent on Smartphone and Tablets

Top Android Apps to Download Torrent Files on Smartphones and Tablets makes downloading torrent file much easy and handy. Almost everyone is using Smartphones and Tablets in current modern world and most of the computer related work is now done on small devices. Downloading and Uploading of files is very popular and among all sources torrents are widely used. There are lots of torrent clients like utorrent, Bittorrent etc used on computer systems. In this post I am going to share Top Android Apps to Download Torrent on Smartphone and Tablets.

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Android Apps to Download Torrent

Android Apps to Download Torrent

I have always said that one of the biggest reason in the popularity of Android as Mobile Operating System is the availability of Free Apps and games. Below are the list of Top Android Apps that are used to Download Torrent files from the internet:

1. uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the best Torrent Client to download files on computers. You will get all the features of utorrent on Android powered Smartphones and Tablets. One of the best feature is that there is no limit on speed and size of downloading in utorrent Android App.

2. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is another Torrent downloading Android App that is also used to download torrent on Smartphones and Tablets. Find torrents and download them to your smartphone or tablet, subscribe to RSS feeds, play content, and more. The first generation of this powerful new torrent download app is made to be simple, fast, and free. That means no speed limits, and no size limits, on mobile downloads.

3. Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent Downloader is a Torrent Android App from Azureus Software. This App is  Lightweight yet powerful, and brings complete torrent management directly to your smartphone or tablet. It’s simple, fast and easy to use for torrent downloads.

4. aTorrent

aTorrent provides torrent search dialog and support magnet links to download torrent files. This free version comes with Ad but there is no limit on downloading speed.

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