An app to Delete Duplicate Files – Review Duplicate Files Fixer

If your phone is full of duplicate files and you wonder how you remove all them without sparing much time, then Duplicate Files Fixer is your way. Though there are many duplicate media remover apps available in Google Play Store, this one has got a few more counts in its pocket.

Getting high recommendations for this app made us review it. Before we proceed, I must mention that it is worthwhile.

What Duplicate Files Fixer Do?


Generally, duplicate file remover scan duplicate files in your phone and delete them. Well, this is what they are meant for.


Duplicate Files Fixer is a step ahead. It gives you an option to scan only the areas in your phone that you want. This precisely includes audio, videos, pictures and documents. Wherein, full scan is also available. A quick scan and one click will remove all duplicates.

So when we tested it, our phone had plenty of duplicate files. It spared no time to remove duplicates. Huge data was removed and we were left with extensive free space. Bravo! Our old android phone too got boosted up. This has got a lot more. Let’s look into its insights.


Scan Audio


Audios are available in different formats. We don’t really care about the format before letting our phone accept any audio. Duplicate Files Fixer is compatible with all formats. Its scanning reaches far and wide. Hence, it detects duplicate mp3, mp4, wave and .dct audios.

Here, we were highly impressed. This duplicate file finder did what it has promised. Our phone had a number of different formats including mp3, mp4, and wave. All got caught with its piercing eye.

Scan Videos

This feature includes the scanning of all videos which exist in your phone gallery. This we felt is a general one and many other duplicate file remover apps include.

Scan pictures


Again, when you give a command to scan this specific area, this app will only scan pictures in your phone gallery. We felt that there should have been more. This duplicate file finder should have discovered all pictures, even the ones that exist in hidden folders.

Scan Documents 

It’s the same, only documents on your phone will be scanned and removed.

Ignore List


There must be many private zones on your phone that you like to keep ‘private’. Your one command will keep these areas untouched by this app. You can add these to the ‘Ignore List’ and this duplicate file finder will stay away from it. So whatever is private for you will remain private. No worries!!

Scan filter


Yeah! This one has got something exciting. You are given an alternative to specify scanning. This feature exists in settings, named as ‘scan filters’. You can select the option ‘scan name’ and further ‘scan size’ to ignore scanning from these areas. Also, you can include files with 0 bytes and hidden folders for scrutinizing.

On this note, we’d like to mention that when you will run full scanning, all files in your phone will come under scanning zone. Even the hidden files, unless you have filtered it. This implies that full scan will probe everything wherein, it’s not the same for specific area scanning.

We have informed you about all of its features, is there still something that is left?

Well, yes! We could notice one more worth mentioning feature. Duplicate Files Fixer will bare your original files and will delete only the duplicate ones. It also has a backup feature, which will allow you to backup all files with Right Backup Anywhere app.

In the nutshell, we felt that this does the work of duplicate media remover as well as the document remover. You don’t need to install two different apps for this work now.

Evaluating it on various grounds, we came up with giving this app 4.5 out of 5 stars. Duplicate Files Fixer is a must use app for all those who are looking for a good duplicate file remover app. Its user-friendly interface and ‘no add’ element will make you enjoy using this app.


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