Alternative Chrome Based Browsers with unique features

Chromium is the open source browser project which is used by many browsers launching. Most popular Google Chrome browser is also based on chromium platform and is the best browser today. There are so many features in Google chrome like availability of many Chrome apps to enhance the browsing experience. There are also some security issues in Google Chrome like you can find password from asterisk in Google Chrome using Inspect option. There are other browsers that are coming with more security options like Comodo Dragon. There are good features present in Google Chrome such as you can send Batch reply in Gmail using extension. In this post I have come up with some of the Alternative Chrome based browsers with more specific and unique features.

alternative chrome based browsers

alternative chrome based browsers

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Top Alternative Chrome Based Browsers

1. Comodo Dragon 

Comodo Dragon is a Fast and versatile browser build on chromium and provides higher level of security. It is a browser with internet security options like flagging of malicious websites, quick scan button to check current website using Comodo’s Site Inspector Tool. Apart from security Comodo Dragon browser also helps in preserving the privacy of customers.

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2. Orbitum Web Browser

Orbitum is a fast, easy and safe browser that lets you chat on popular social networks including Vkontakte, Facebook and Odnoklassniki. It is a very fast browser that comes with separate chat window on right side, which allows you to work and chat simultaneously which is great.

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 3. Torch (web browser)

Torch is a freely available chromium based web browser that comes with lots of options to manage your media files. It is a perfect choice for users who loves downloading from torrent, grabbing videos from YouTube. Torch also provides inbuilt facilities to easily share videos, songs etc. over social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus. It also comes with Download Accelerator which provide higher downloading speed than chrome browser.

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 4. Epic Browser

Feature that is focussed in Epic browser is to improve the privacy of the user. According to the official page of Epic browser, it claims to fix some of the vulnerabilities in the existing browsers based on chromium. Some of the fixes that are incorporated in Epic Browser are the following:

  • No address bar suggest
  • No URL checks
  • Auto-translate has been removed.
  • No URL Tracker
  • Installation ID removed

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 If you know any other alternative chrome based browser that comes with some unique feature do share with us all by commenting below.

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