All you need to know about Optimizing your Amazon listing

You can improve the ranking of your product when you optimize your amazon listing for to maximize traffic. Amazon listing optimization refers to the process of upgrading the pages of your products, leading to improved search visibility, conversion rate (CR), click-through-rate (CTR), and increased sales. This process entails the discovery of keywords, optimizing the listing text and content of the image as well as increasing the number of reviews for your product. As a seller or vendor on Amazon, these are important factors that you can consider. We will now look at key areas for product optimization on Amazon.

1. Optimizing keywords

For your product to appear on search engine results, keywords must be present in the product listing. Without the use of the keywords, potential customers will not see your product.

You need to ensure that all the relevant keywords are used in the product page. You can conduct keyword research to find all the relevant keywords for the product that you are listing. Using Amazon seller tools is helpful in this. Once you have the relevant keywords, they should be added to all strategic places. What you need to keep in mind:

  • Product title: Use your top five keywords in the title of the product. New guidelines now allow you to add a descriptive, catchy title to your product.
  • Backend keywords: The guidelines here include adding up to 249 bytes of other important keywords.
  • Product description and Bullet points: You can add more keywords here.
  • Other types of keywords: Some products allow you to add more descriptive keywords, such as adding the target audience.
  • Other details: Such details include the type of material of the product. Adding this information helps to optimize your keywords.

2. Optimizing content

The Click-through rate in the search result and conversion rate on the product page can benefit highly from content optimization. When CTR and CR are increased, the result is an increase in sales, which also leads to a higher ranking. If you want to improve your content you need to consider:

  • Product text: When creating product information such as product descriptions as well as product titles, bullet points, and others, you need to consider a few things. First, ensure that all information about the product is provided. Secondly, highlight the benefits that the product has to a potential customer. Thirdly, present the information in a structure that the customer will quickly understand.
  • Product information: It is good to ensure that you add more information about the product, such as the material used, the weight, and energy efficiency. Take your time when filling in this information as it is used by the filter navigation on the sidebar. It is also helpful when finding specialized products. It is also available in detail on the product page, which can lead to a higher conversion rate.  
  • Images that you use: This is usually the first thing a potential customer will look at when looking for a product. The main image needs to comply with the guidelines provided by Amazon. The product should be attractive, easy to recognize, and well lit. Additional photos can be flexible in design. You can employ the services of a professional photographer to get the best in picture quality.

3. Optimizing reviews and questions and answers

Reviews are beneficial to CR and CTR of a product. Here, the number of reviews and the average number of stars is also very important. Reviews help in bringing more traffic to your product, which can lead to more sales. You also need to respond to negative reviews to improve your ranking. Customers can also ask questions about the product on the page. The questions can be answered by both the customers and sellers. Clarifying questions is important to ensure correct information is displayed. You can increase your product reviews by:

  • Using the Amazon follow up system: Here, Amazon reaches out to customers via an automated email when a sale is made requesting them to leave a review.
  • As a beginner, you can use the Amazon early review program: Here, you pay a certain fee, and Amazon sends an email to customers who purchase the product requesting them to leave a review and get a gift. Some users have complained that it can take up to a few months before a review can be done. You only get five reviews. 
  • Using Vine, a program run by Amazon. Here, you can send your products to about 30 people where they get to use the product and leave a review. 
  • Using your email list: You can use sources such as social media, product inserts, and blogs to encourage users to share their email addresses. You can create a mailing list with this information to help with asking reviews for new products that you can launch.

These reviews will help optimize your listing and gain an increase in click-through-rate as well as the conversion rate. 

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