All about Apple iPhone7

If there had to be reasons listed for why iPhone is so popular, there would be many like it gets the best apps first, it has a cutting edge design, it has the best LCD panels offering unbeatable colour accuracy and contrast, it has a brilliant battery life and the entertainment services are too good. With the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus still selling as hot cakes in the mobile industry market, people have become increasingly curious about the next iPhone that will take the market by storm. While there has been no official confirmation, here’s what you can look forward to from Apple iPhone 7:


  • Decent size: If you are someone who likes his/her phone looking as a phone and not a giant size device, this should make you happy! Apple iPhone7 is supposed to have a 4.7 inch display. Most of the people find the dimensions of iPhone 5s ideal to be held into hands easily and for talking comfortably for long hours too. You don’t want to use both of your hands for holding only your mobile. IPhone5s is still available for sale and at a lower price with a bonus of added cashback through shopclues coupons at CashKaro site.
  • Force touch screen: This force touch will impact this next iPhone launch significantly. As explained by Apple, force touch uses tiny electrodes around a flexible Retina display to differentiate between a light tap and a deep press, and trigger instant access to a range of contextually specific controls. With force touch, pressing firmly on the skin brings up additional apps also in display. It’s the latest sensing technology since multi touch. IPhone 7 is expected to have this brilliant technology.
  • High screen resolution: With iPhone6 Plus, Apple scored real well and with the next launch of its iPhone, it plans to do that even better.
  • Improved camera: For most of the iPhone users, they consider their iPhones only to be as primary cameras. Their life literally revolves around them. Rumors have it that the new iPhone will be equipped with a DSLR camera quality. If this comes true, Apple will be setting even higher standards. However, speculations also have it that this cannot be true since CMOS sensors used in digital cameras are limited. Apple was also spotted filing a patent for a new mirror-driven optical image stabilization. To ensure that you get to lay your hands on it soon upon its launch, do booking in advance only. Use the aliexpress coupons available at CashKart for discounts as well as cash back.
  • More memory: It’s also believed that the new iPhone will have more memory space unlike the previous iPhones which have 16GB memory.
  • Better battery life: It’s a known fact that Apple doesn’t comprise on the other areas of its phone just to increase the battery life. But with iPhone7, the battery life is touted to be better than the existing iPhones.
  • Gorilla glass: Apple could not launch its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus in Gorilla glass but it is not yet ready to give up. Gorilla glass is shatter-proof and scratch-proof, which should make it earn a place here.
  • 3D Display: iPhone7 may also have a 3D display. If it’s true, it will be a treat to use it!

Apple iPhone7 is rumored to be launched in mid-September month of 2015.

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