AdLock for Chrome – Best way to block ads on Browser

Are you frustrated of Ads running everywhere while browsing, watching video on Youtube? Then don’t worry, AdLock for Chrome is the best plugin to professional block ads on Internet. The extension is the most effective tool that you can get for blocking ad and moreover it is compatible with macOS also. Here I am going to talk about features of AdLock Extension and comparison of Browser plugin with software version.

Features of AdLock for Chrome:

The software not only blocks ads on the internet but also comes with lots of exciting features which are as follows:

  1. Bypass Anti-Adblocking scripts: Since the advent of Ad Blockers tools some of the anti-adblocking scripts came into market that blocks the extension from running on a web page. But the AdLock Extension blocks those kind of scripts also.
  2. Fast web surfing: People generally think that blocking ads is just to surf without the interruption. But that is not true. Blocking ads also increase your web surfing speed and web page loads much faster when there is pop-ups, banners, animated ads, and video-ads.
  3. Forever free: The extension is totally free and you will not receive any kind of message to to purchase, donate or to accept. So just install the extension and enjoy smooth web surfing.
  4. Online security: While Surfing online, security is very important concern. AdLock blocks online trackers, and spyware. Advertisers won’t have access to your data anymore.

Difference between AdLock for Windows and AdLock for Chrome

There is one more solution to block ads on web pages and that is install and use a software instead of browser extension. AdLock for Windows is one such software that is capable of blocking ads on all types of browsers available in the market. One major difference between the two is the software version works inside the system and doesn’t sends the request to the server. In terms of pricing AdLock for Browser is free to use whereas the price of AdLock for Windows is 22$ USD – one year and 55$ USD – Lifetime.


According to me sometimes ads are good as they tell you about the latest promotion, discounts on products or services. But continuously seeing advertisement, pop up is very annoying. You can definitely use the AdLock for Chrome extension to get rid of all kinds of advertisements.

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