AddMeFast Really Helps to increase Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

Best Method to increase Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers – AddMeFast really helps in increasing FB Likes and Twitter Followers for your Blog. I am sure that every Blogger like me wants to have great traffic on their Blog or website. The first thing that comes to the mind of every Blogger is to optimize the Blog Post that Google Search Engine likes. But is that enough or the only way to get traffic? The answer is no and if you feel that I am wrong then go through the case study in which I have carried out analysis of the Top 4 blogs including Shoutmeloud,, and From that study I am sure and you must feel the same that SEO is definitely not the only method to get traffic. Social Media sites are becoming the second best source to get tons of traffic on Blog and website. But the question is now How to get traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon and others. The easiest way is to get lots of likes and followers for your page and account and you can use to do it. AddMeFast website allows you to gain Facebook Likes, Google+ Circles, YouTube Subscribers, YouTube Visits, Web site hits and lots more. In this post you can find out how to start using AddMeFast to increase Facebook Likes and eventually increase traffic to your Blog.

AddMeFast - increase Facebook Likes

How to increase Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

The first thing you need to do is Sign up with AddMeFast and verify your account, so use valid email id. The moment you register, you will receive 50 points to start with. Then you need to Add your Blog or Page to get more visits, likes or followers. Visit Add/Edit site and enter the details of your Facebook page (in this example).


You can set total clicks and daily click limit so that your Facebook page doesn’t seem to be spam. Final and most important step is to set cpc which Cost (points) Per Click for your Site/Page – min=2 and max=10. I suggest you to go for mid value which is 5. Click on Save Changes and start monitoring your FB page, you will see likes start increasing. 

More like your FB Page will receive you will see the depletion of your account value. To increase your FB Page like you have to earn more points and there are various ways to do so. Some of them are listed below:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Shares
  • YouTube Likes
  • Tweets and other

One method that i have not listed above is Website Hits which is listed right at the end of the list. In this method you have to just click the link and automatically you will receive increase in your account value and FB likes will again start increasing.

Register with AddMeFast

So to start promoting your Blog Page and increase Facebook Likes Register with AddMeFast quick.


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