A2Z Advanced Solutions’ CEO Bentsur Joseph Announces Intent to Enter Civilian Market – Why It’s a Big News

In an announcement in Yavne, Israel, the CEO of A2Z Advanced Solutions Bentsur Joseph declared his intent to enter the civilian market. The company is already working towards going public in Canada where it will be listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange. 

For anyone who is not familiar with robotics or the Israeli defence sector, the name A2Z Advanced Solution may not ring a bell. However, the company is a key player in the defence industry, not just in Israel but also globally. The company specializes in robotic technologies to reduce human costs in high-conflict areas. A2Z Advanced Solutions has been working with the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) and the Israeli Police for over 30 years. It also produces complex robotic solutions for the Israel Railways and IEC (Israel Electric Company). Apart from long standing relationships with government agencies in Israel, the company also has a long list of global clients.

The news of A2Z Advanced Solutions entering the Canadian market has invoked a sense of curiosity. Tech and robotics enthusiasts cannot help but make predictions about the civilian product line of the company. Till now the company is known in the military community for manufacturing remotely operated robots. The company has specialized units for bomb defusal, fire fighting and counter-terrorism. 

There is no news in terms of what specific products they plan to launch in the civilian market. However, it’s likely the products are going to be marketed to industries that have high-risk job roles. 

4 Reasons Why A2Z Advanced Solutions’ Entry Is Big News

While companies entering foreign markets is pretty routine. However, there are more than a few reasons why A2Z Advanced Solutions’ entry into the civilian sector can be a good news for the entire business community. 

May Help Reduce Human Involvement in High-Risk Civilian Jobs

It’s not just at the military or in the battlefield where human lives are at stake. There are many civilian jobs that put workers’ lives in danger. For example, the logging industry is considered to be the most dangerous in terms of death toll. Remotely operated logging robots that keep humans out of harm’s way is not a far fetched idea. Bomb defusal robots manufactured by A2Z Advanced Solutions already have the capability to fire shotguns. These units may be modified to remotely operate chainsaws and save countless lives. Workers in mines and stone quarries also have a high-risk of workplace injuries and deaths. The company may come up with civilian units specifically built for certain job roles to reduce the human cost of high-risk jobs

Military-Grade Solutions May Prove to Be a Market Disruptor

Businesses have great respect for military-grade equipment. Mainly because they usually have a robust built quality, which reduces the cost of maintenance and repair. Technologies and solutions developed by defence manufacturers also tend to be more reliable as they have the same genetics of battle-proven hardware. 

Their history of providing robotic solutions to the Israeli army, who routinely use these technologies on the field certainly gives them an edge over civilian robotics companies. There is a good chance A2Z Advanced Solutions is going to bag major orders and disrupt the robotics market in Canada and abroad. 

Business Will Get Access to Brand New Technologies and Solutions

One of the primary reasons why the entry of a defence manufacturer in the civilian market is such an exciting news is proprietary technologies. Defence manufacturers have a wealth of proprietary technologies and patents. When they enter the civilian sector, these innovations lead to brand new products and solutions. The introduction of robotics in certain industries can boost production and greatly alter operational models. 

Financial Stability Ensures Long Term Sustainability

Many startups promise big things and fail to achieve them due to financial concerns. A2Z Advanced Solutions does not share the financial instability of new companies. The company has long term military contracts that ensures a steady flow of revenue. This financial stability should help them sustain the initial stages of uncertainty much more resiliently. Long story short, A2Z Advanced Solutions’ plan to penetrate the civilian sector is going to be backed up by the security of a cash-rich company. 

For A2Z Advanced Solutions and CEO Bentsur Joseph entering the civilian sector feels like an organic shift. It allows the company to expand into new markets, while remaining true to there organizational goal of saving lives using technology. 

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