A Simple Guide to Remove Dual Boot in Windows – Tutorial

It happens most of the time when we saw a new operating system whether Windows 8 or Linux Operating System, we try to install along with the current OS and when we are done with the testing we want to remove the newly installed one. But uninstalling or drop the entire partition in which you have installed secondary OS sometimes doesn’t get deleted from the Boot Menu. Eventually it will not harm our System but it seems very annoying every time you have to select the correct OS to boot. And if you are crazy enough like me you ended up with tens of options to choose from in Booting Menu. So here is a very simple trick that will help you remove all the unwanted Operating System entries from the Boot Menu. 

How to Remove Dual Boot in Windows

I recommend you not to format the partition in which secondary Operating System until you really want to do it. If you can get rid of the secondary OS list during boot without formatting the drive then why to cut all your data. Now follow the steps below carefully to drop the secondary operating system from the Boot Sequence Menu.

1 Start Run Command Prompt by pressing ‘Win+R’ key and type ‘msconfig’ in the open dialog box as shown below


2 Then from System Configuration select ‘Boot’ Tab and here you can see all the Operating System installed in your machine. The one you are logged in is marked as Current OS. Select the OS you want to remove the hit ‘Delete’ button.


3 You can see that selected entry gets deleted as in my case Windows 8 Option is being removed from the list and now the only option is left which is my current and default Operating System I want to boot everytime.


That is all you need to do and now your PC won’t make you select your Default OS from a list of Operating System. Let us know if you face any issue performing this trick to get rid of the secondary Operating System installed on your System

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