A Simple Guide to Build SEO Friendly Backlinks for Blogs and Websites

Blogging today is not just an activity of writing your thoughts, it is turning into a full-time business. Bloggers are writing about various areas of their interest and apart from gaining knowledge and fame in the online market they are also earning handsome money. Some of the Top Bloggers from India has shared their income from blogging and that has been the inspiration for most of the people to start blogging.


In this article I have tried to list down Top 5 approaches that can be used to build back links to get more SEO score and become popular Online 

Top 5 Ways to Build Links for your Blog and Increase SEO ranking

Getting into the good books of any Search Engine is very important for any blogger and it means you have to optimize your blog according to SEO Guidelines. Due to the popularity of Google as Search engine most of the time we talk about SEO related to Google Search Engine Algorithm. There are two types of links that are made no-follow and do-follow links. Search Engine doesn’t follow the links that have the attribute value set as “rel=nofollow” and building links on those doesn’t improve your SEO ranking very much but still you can get into the notice of the visitors. Well in the earlier post I have shown how to make external links from your blog no-follow because you don’t want leak the SEO Juice from your Blog.

1. Commenting on Other Blogs

Most of the links in the Comments tend to have do-follow property which means that search engines will follow your link. But this doesn’t mean that you post comments to each post of every Blog (Well that is not possible), but you should plan your link building strategy. Planning means you have to mark out the list of the blogs that falls into the niche of your blog and make comments which has some meaning and get the visitors interested in clicking your link. Making such types of links on your niche blogs serves two purposes; first you get the backlink from high PR Blog and you get the visitors that are interested in your Blog niche.

2. Write Articles

Writing article on some of the Top Article Directories has been one of oldest method which is still in use to make backlinks. There are many Article Directories which I have listed under this section that allows do-follow link. Benefit of writing articles is that you can get the approval easily compare to guest post because in Guest Post the author of the blog tries to approve only the content with high quality but for starter it takes time to get into the habit of writing and creating good articles. So it is better to start with article directories and get backlinks.

3. Write Guest Posts 

Guest Posting has a direct impact on tour Blog visibility to the visitors and search engines. Always write a Guest Post for the blog that has the same niche as your blog. Guest posting also need some planning as commenting, you need to first research for Blogs having high traffic and Page Rank. Then you should create a list of topics that you want to write for them. You should always write good quality content which should be original and not copied one. To check for plagiarism on your content you paid online.

4. Participate in Question Answer Sites

You can share links on your Blog in sites where users ask the questions. Some sites allow you to link username with the web address of your blog since some allows to insert the link into the answer posted. In any way you can easily get the backlink from Question Answer Sites and the benefit of putting the link on these sites is that they are High PR site and you can get traffic from them also. But make sure that you post the correct and natural answer and to the question related to the niche of your blog. Some of the Sites are Web Answers, Yahoo! Answers and Google Groups.

5. Posting in Forums

This activity is same as that of commenting on Blogs. Posting in Forums is also a very good way to get backlinks for your blog. Forums allows the signature with links, so you get backlink from the response you made and benefit of posting in forum is you get popularity easily if you offer a good discussion topic or answer to the query.


These are five Link-Building techniques that I am using now, however it requires a lot of effort and time but if done correctly then it will produce good results in gaining SEO rankings. If you have more ways to get links than please share by commenting below.


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