A Detailed Review of Comingsoon Wp

If you are planning to start a website, then you need a coming soon page for your site. That coming soon page will inform your visitors that your website will be ready and live in very short period of time.

Now you may say- My hosting provider provides me a “Default Coming Soon Page” for my hosting.

Naah! That’s not the coming soon page you need on your website.

That kind of coming soon pages are for amateur businesses. Yours is a “Class One”.


If yes, then you need a Classy Coming Soon Page for your website.

ComingSoonWP is the best  WordPress Plugin to get super informative and awesome looking coming soon pages.

Now WordPress Coming Soon Page can be simple enough to just inform “We are Coming Soon”. And that’s fine too.

But ComingSoonWP Plugin has so many features that it will make your simple looking coming soon page an informative and lead generating page.

Now you can put many things on Coming Soon Page or even nothing on Coming Soon Page.

But what’s the right way to create a coming soon page?

What you should be having on your coming soon page?

I will answer all of the above questions now. So that you can create a killer Coming Soon Page for your Website.

Things You Should Have on Your Coming Soon Page

Tell Something about Your Business

If you really want to get them excited about you coming. Then don’t let them guess what this is all about. Instead tell in short, what your website will be about and what they can expect from it.

This will increase the amount of curiosity in them about you coming.

Launch Date

This is very important. More than anything else. You should be mentioning the Launch Date of the Website.

Or the date on which people would be able to see your website live.

And you should be putting the exact date only when you are 100% sure. That on this date the website will be live.

Otherwise, give a generic time such as “June 2019” or “Winter 2019”.

Call to Action (CTA)

You should definitely take care of Call to Action on your Coming Soon Page. Now this Call to Action could be anything from signing up for your free newsletter to following you on your social media networks.

That you have to decide for yourself. But one thing is very clear that you should be having some sort of Call to Action on your coming soon page.

Because suppose traffic is coming to your site. And people are even checking out your site regularly but what’s your benefit in it.

Until and unless you use that traffic which is coming to your site it is of no use to you. And that’s why you should be asking your traffic to take some action on your coming soon page.


Now you know why should be having a coming soon page for your website. So just go and create a coming soon page for your website.

And if you have a WordPress website then ComingSoonWP Plugin is the best plugin to create coming soon pages for your WordPress site.

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