A Beginner’s Guide To Smart Light Bulbs

Our home is where we go to and spend the rest of our day after an exhausting day at work. We want our home to be an ideal place where we can relax… a personal space we can call our own. You find there are nights where, despite your exhaustion you still couldn’t sleep. That even if our bodies a beat on the day’s work we are restless.

Do you wish you can get your lights to dim a little more so it doesn’t trigger your wakefulness? You could have been able to do it except that you do not have a dimmer in your home. Problem pile while all you are trying to do is just to get some sleep. Is there a solution to this without cramming to get a dimmer installed? You are in luck because in the recent years we have been able to develop Smart Light Bulbs just right for your needs.

We’ll provide you with the list that will guide you to understanding what smart light bulbs can do for you to improve how you experience your own home.  

Smart Features and Advantages

House Tipster would call small light bulbs as LED light bulbs 2.0 as they do more than just produce the same brightness at a fraction of energy costs compared to incandescent light bulbs. They do so much more. Here are a few reasons why you should choose smart light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

1.Wireless connectivity.

Smart light bulbs are equipped with wireless technology that allows them to connect to your mobile device and give you control over them remotely. Regular LED lights don’t do that. Turning your lights off or on is now as easy as flipping the switch thru your phone.

2.You want them to dim? No problem.

There is a variety of the smart light bulb that you can dim. No need to install dimmers. When you need the create an ambient environment for casual conversations to dates in your own home, this feature will come in handy.

3.Can your light bulb play music?

A new breed of smart light bulbs can play music. You don’t need to worry about installing speakers all around your home just so you can hear the bear that you like. Smart light bulbs have got you covered.

4.Lull you to sleep

A more advanced variety of smart light bulbs can produce a certain quality of light that will induce the production of melatonin in your brain. This is the “sleep hormone.” If we only had these smart bulbs to help us out over the years we wouldn’t be sporting dark bags under our eyes when we get up every morning.

Now that you know more about smart light bulbs, take your home to another level by switching your regular LEDs to smart light bulbs. If your home is still running on incandescent light bulbs or dull fluorescent lighting it is time to change that. Bring the real color values into your home

with better lighting and much more. Switch now.

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