9 Best Online Website Builders Tools

Over the past few years, there has been a significant shift in the way people go about creating both personal blogs and small business websites: no one uses down loadable software any more. Ironic as it may sound, the Internet is slowly killing the use of downloadable web design software. At the moment, Dreamweaver happens to be the only standing contender, but even then, it was designed for professional web developers, and not the average website owner.

Luckily there is a host of web-based website creation tool that offer pretty much everything you need to create a website. Online website builders have been around for some time now, but their popularity has only really soared in the past few years. With these tools, you no longer need to be intimately acquainted with HTML or CSS to create a good website. Nowadays, web-based website builders come preloaded with tons of templates and features that turn website creation into a fast, easy and enjoyable job.

Each website builder has its pros and cons, so you have make sure that the one you choose for your project is well suited for the its requirements. Some tools are paid services but there also are many free ones. It is entirely up to you to consider the merits of either building a completely free site or spending some money to gain access to a more advanced website builder that has all the tools you need to create a quality website. Regardless of your choice, there are certain minimal requirements you need to look for. The tool should be able to create website in HTML5 and be simple enough to allow you to create a website without lots of coding or programming knowledge.

Online Website Builders Tools

Best Online Website Builders Tools

1. Weebly

Weebly is one of the most popular web-based website builders and its was among the first tools to offer support for the creation of HTML5 websites. With Weebly, users can create a website or a blog and use the Weebly mobile Apps to post it for Android or iPhone devices. Weebly websites are optimized for search engines and have search functions, reliable cloud hosting and inbuilt analytics.

2. IM Creator

Having been only introduced in 2011, it is amazing how IM Creator has risen to become the most popular online website builder today. It has a very easy to use interface but more advanced users can opt to use the flexible WYSIWYG editor which provides real time updates on your progress, among other stats. IM creator offers an extensive library of website templates in a long list of categories that range for academics to business and medicine to sports.

Once you complete the free registration process, you can immediately start using IM Creator. Depending on your time and level of expertise, you can start off from a blank page or choose a design template of your choice from the hundreds of fully customizable templates on offer. 

3. Carbonmade

Carbonmade certainly isn’t as popular as other web-based site builders, but it sure does offer some interesting features. Carbon made is very easy to use, and you do not need to learn any programming language. Websites built using this tool are HTML5 ready, SEO friendly, good looking and well optimized for good performance. Moreover, users can add extra features such as video/photo galleries to expand their site’s functionality. The site allows access to detailed Google analytics, so you can always keep an eyes on its popularity.

4. Zenfolio

This website builder is very popular among photographers since it creates virtually all the right tools you need to create an online photography portfolio. Of course, you can use Zenfolio to create all varieties of websites – blogs, personal, corporate and even commercial. Zenfolio has one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the web so you certainly won’t go wrong if you decided to use Zenfolio services to build your ecommerce shop. Since Zenfolio is an HTML website builder, every site created with it should work fine on most mobile platforms.

5. Designly

The motivation behind Designly was to make creating a website as easy as dragging, typing and clicking without the need for learning complex programs, code or having to deal with the limitations of someone else’ style.

Using Designly is very easy, once you complete the free sign up process, you can either pick a template and populate it or start creating your website from scratch. Designly’s straightforward drag and drop interface allows you to add images and shapes, create sections, drop in text boxes and a large selection of free web fonts and nifty page furniture. The Designly allows you to move layers forwards and backwards, embed content and a host of other things without having to even think about code.

6. Site cube

This is claimed to be the world best web-based HTML5 website builder. It offers a vast library of high quality responsive website templates that anyone can use for free. But the site is not just limited to the creation of HTML5 websites, you can also use it to design facebook fanpages, flash and mobile websites.

7. Strikingly

As its name suggests, Strikingly is an awesome HTML5 online website builder you can use to come up with strikingly beautiful website designs. Not only are the templates attention grabbing, but they are also fully responsive and can be viewed on a host of mobile platforms. The tool also creates websites with lightning fast load time and are optimized for search engines. 

8. Webnode

This is a free, real time interactive drag and drop website builder. Users can create, develop, design and sun powerful web applications and websites from the beginning to the end. Engineered for extreme speed and ease of use, Webnode can be used to effortlessly produce high caliber professional web pages in a matter of minutes.

Webnode offers arguably the broadest range of applications that can be offered by any web based site builder. You do not have to download or install any software. The site implements a range of website components (forums, articles, polls, FAQ forms, lists etc.).

9. Wix

This website builder was originally based on flash but it now supports HTML5. It comes with a variety of unique templates that make designing eye catching websites a breeze. Wix was primarily launched as a paid service but it also offers a free version with limited features.

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