8 Best Twitter Tools To Ease Your Tweeting Effort

In the online world, new Twitter apps are frequently added to ease your tweeting efforts. This translates into confusion in choosing the right app for your needs that will actually add value to your tweeting:

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Best Twitter Tools To Ease Your Tweeting Effort

Here are 8 best twitter tools to ease your tweeting efforts

1. Twylah

This tool is a wonder way to raise your impact on twitter. The tagline “Make your Tweets shine” that the tool carries is most appropriate for this tool. Statistics reveal that ordinary tweets last only for three hours. Twylah can dramatically increase the life of your tweets and can literally let them remain forever on a new custom page. Once you have a Twylah account, it works in a very simple manner by capturing every tweet of yours and displaying them on a personalized page on Twylah. Twylah page also assists you in projecting what your page is all about to those who view your Twylah page.  

2. Twitterfeed

As a blog owner, the most efficient way to automate tweets is Twitterfeed. With this free service you can preset simultaneous and automatic feeds for your twitter, LinkedIn and facebook accounts. To get your blog post shared on your social media accounts you need to create a feed by logging into Twitterfeed, give it a name and connect it to your blog’s URL. Thereafter go to the advanced settings and add some text into the prefix and suffix fields to give some reference to users. In the end, add your social accounts by authenticating them. Your Twitterfeed is now ready to automatically tweet when you add a new post.

3. NewsMix

Most of the Twitter users have one common problem and that is the absence of value in their twitter stream when they are new to it. One solution to this is to have a dedicated channel available for you with only those tweets that interest you. This is what NewsMix is all about. It is a tool to discover great topics based on top curators of the topic of your interest. Your channel can either consist of individual Twitter users put together by you or a Twitter list.

4. Tweriod

This is an app loved for its simplicity. All it takes to get the best times for you to tweet is a simple login with your twitter account on its landing page. It displays results graphically with all that you desire at one spot. You also have the liberty to export the results via .pdf. This also provides you an insight into optimal tweeting times for various days of the week.

5. SocialBro

SocialBro is a dashboard aimed at filtering the best analytics for your account on Twitter. It is rightly said that what you cannot measure, you cannot improve. SocialBro enables you to know in which time zone your follower resides. With SocialBro, you can group users based on various criteria viz. language, time zones etc. SocialBro features a list management options. There are no two ways about the fact that the key to exploit Twitter to its full potential is to keep a track of people by making lists. This app allows you to copy lists from one account to another or save them as text files.

6. Nurph

This app has become a powerbank after an overhaul. It enables you to get your friends invited to a private chat room using a simple tweet. One good use of this app is to keeping your twitter community engaged in a longer conversation.

7. Iftt

This is a wonder app to automate your social activities. Iftt stands for “if this then that”. In a nutshell, this is a great way to connect to any two web services viz. Twitter with Dropbox or Facebook with Instagram. Iftt can be used in a very powerful way with Twitter. The if this then that condition can be used to tweet a picture automatically once you post it on Instagram, add a tweet for later reading in Pocket if you mark it as favorite or tweet a new blog if you make a post.

8. ManageFlitter

It happens a number of times that the updates that are most useful for you will be buried somewhere between the most irrelevant ones. At this stage, it is best to sweep out all irrelevant twitter accounts. This is where an app like ManageFlitter comes into play. This gets a detail of all inactive accounts or the ones that do not follow you back and all you have to do is just click to unfollow them. 

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