Try These 8 Powerful Tools Instead Of Google Analytics

Since its launch in 2005, Google Analytics has become unassailable in today’s world of website analytics, with about 57% of over 10,000 most popular websites using this popular site statistics suite. It is one of the most popular analytics tools that has been adopted by hundreds of thousands of webmasters. Whether you are looking to analyze traffic sources on your website, keep track of your visitors, measure sales and conversions, then Google Analytics will cover all these needs for you.

Depending on your business needs, Google Analytics is not the only tool out there. It might even not be a suitable tool that you need to grow your business. There are several other tools that can be very useful in helping you understand collected data from your website visitors, help you understand their preferences, and hence, you can grow your site even better.

If you are therefore not completely satisfied with Google Analytics, or have been wondering other alternatives out there, the following are 8 comparable software services that provide the same data as Google Analytics you can try.

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8 Powerful Tools Instead Of Google Analytics

1. Clicky

This is one of the most popular analytics tools you can get in the market. Clicky prides itself on being user-friendly, in fact the developers claim that it is the easiest analytics service one can use. Just like Google Analytics, you can tackle all your analytics needs of your business. It comes with a plethora of features that add some dimensions to your analytics data- heat-maps visibility and capability to connect to other goals. 

Besides these basic features and its simplicity, it offers users a Twitter monitoring feature that they can use to better their promotions. It also offers useful click-stream data and visitor level information that Google does not share through analytics. There is a free trial version for up to 3,000 daily page views, after which you can pay versions in $9.99 to $19.99 a month.

2. Reinvigorate

This alternative to Google provides a few more features in addition to those that are similar. It offers real time page analysis, Snoop (a desktop program) that allows website owners to receive notifications instantly of all the activities on their site, NameTags feature that provides usernames and visit data for hits and heat-maps that show where people click on a page. Reinvigorate comes with CDN codes that allows faster loading for web page visitors. There are other several features including referral tracking, granular graphs, map view of hits with time and region zones well stipulated and easy installation. Additionally, it is easier to use and comes for free. 

3. Kissmetrics

This tool is unique; it focuses on a different concepts unlike other metric companies. Instead of focusing on providing page figure views, it emphasizes on monitoring on people’s data; what they are doing in your site. It tries to make analytics more personal by allowing you to easily visualize and track the user life-cycle. If you have products that you sell on your website, then this tool is very important for your business. With it, you get to see the approaches you can take on your business from the insights it reveals to you and convert your unknown visitors to loyal customers.

This can also be attributed to its ability to analyze conversion funnels in real-time and produce clear visualizations of you website’s ability to convert visitors to whoever you want in order to achieve your goals. There is no free offer for the service level, meaning that their focus on actionable data is a cost of $30 a month. 

4. Foxmetrics

This is another Google alternative Analytics tool that provides a wide range of options at a variety of different pricing packages. It a web analytic tool that tracks events and supplies users with all the standard analytic features they require to drive their businesses online successfully. The main focus of this platform is on the activities and actions of web visitors. In addition to tracking the visitors’ actions, the website owner receives basic analytics information to get the whole picture as well as monitor campaigns. There is a 14-day trial period and packages start at just $20. 

5. Mint

This is a simple alternative to Goggle Analytics. The Mint setup is pretty much simple, its interface is easier to use and report generating is also simple. Features include all the basic data concerning the website visitors including page views, unique viewers, referral web information, returning viewers, recently visited pages, most viewed web page content and filtering base on search terms. It has some common essential features including BirdFeeder that allows users to view analytics data of the feed subscription patterns. 

6. Open Web Analytics

This is an open source alternative. It has the same look and feel just like Google Analytics and provides users with tons of additional features. One of the main benefits of this service is that it’s free, and users can use it under the GPL v2 License. You can track an unlimited number of websites because there are no logging limits. Open Web analytics tracks the usage of statistics, events and conversion statistics. Website owners have to download and install the software onto their server by themselves.  

7. Mixpanel

This is another great package that headlines with real time analytics, but the handling conversion capability of funnels is a stand out factor. This alternative provides event analytics and management. Business and website owners are now turning to people management more with a prospect of building the best customer base and raising their conversation rates, and Mixpanel offers a great choice. This tool has the ability to create and analyze funnels retroactively in such a way that is both conveniently quick and elegant.  

The pricing structure is based on how many events you track, something that seems quite confusing. There is however a free package that allows you to track up to 25,000 data points that you can increase to 200,000 if you give the developers a footer link in return. 

8. Inspectlet

This tool provides site owners with a visitor oriented analytic choice with a new technology; recordings of the website use through the eyes of the visitor. They have a free plan that allows 100 session recordings giving owners a never-before seen view of their site from their visitors’ perspective. There other plans at $39.99 that include even a deeper data and more recorded data options. 

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