8 Inbound Marketing Tactics That Work

Inbound Marketing or “inbound marketing” is a modern concept, coined and introduced into widespread use by Brian Halligan. PD it means the active use of tools to attract traffic, with the emphasis on free, albeit time-consuming. In general, everything can be reduced to three steps:

  • Attracting visitors to the site/page;
  • Pushing them to commit conversion actions ;
  • Analysis and identification of activities that provide the best result.

In general, the approach is uniquely successful, and the main task of marketers is to find out which inbound marketing strategies work best. We decided to draw 8 inbound marketing strategies in the form of infographics, which have already proved their effectiveness, and their application allows us to attract high-quality target audience at an affordable price. You can learn through top inbound marketing books and implement their marketing strategies to increase your online presence and attract the target audience. 

Blogs: Even though blogs are one of the oldest areas of content marketing, they, as before, remain very effective. According to HubSpot, thanks to blogs, marketers receive an average of 43% of customers, despite the fact that for quality work in this direction, it is required to attract no more than 9% of full-time employees and approximately 7% of marketing budgets.

Email Newsletters: A well-thought-out strategy for conducting mailings based on the email addresses of existing and potential customers, collected through proactive registrations, is a powerful tool that allows you to establish meaningful relationships with users.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  Another widely used tool that is highly efficient and has such a huge advantage as the full range of analytics and measurability of various metrics. Ultimately, you can create the best content in the world, but without visitors from a search, nobody will ever know about it.

SMM (social media): One of the cornerstones of incoming marketing, and in this direction, there are already dozens of tactics designed to ensure high-quality communication with consumers “living” in various social networks.

Surveys / Research: With their help, you can get unique information from the target audience, and arrange the results of the analysis in such a convenient form as PDF documents or books (White Book). The cost of resources, in this case, will be minimal, but the distribution potential is very large.

Webinars: Their implementation is one of the most effective inbound marketing tactics because it allows you to create a direct connection with your audience. Having done the work at the right level, you can instantly earn their trust and loyalty.

Video: This tactic is already used by more than 2/3 of marketers since multimedia content is becoming increasingly popular. This in no way, means that the content is dead, but adding it with video will be a good strategy.

Landing Page: Optimized landing pages are an excellent tool for attracting an interested audience and converting it into customers.

Not all of these tactics will work equally well, as users differ in their platforms and priorities in terms of content consumption. Nevertheless, a qualitative analysis of your audience, combined with the use of the listed inbound marketing tactics, should provide you with quality traffic for interested visitors.

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