8 Effective To Amp Up The Performance Of Your Office Printer

As modern technology is advancing at a rapid rate, the printers in offices are also being replaced with the ultra-modern ones. An employee in an office is aware of hardships with old printers. The replacement of old printers with new ones has seen a rise in the performance and the quality of the work within the environment. However, replacing with the multifunctional ultra-modern printer does not come cheap and requires significant investment.

It becomes important to make full use of the investment by taking effective measures to boost the performance of your printer. By keeping the below-mentioned aspects in mind, one can effectively amp up the performance of the printers in the offices and make full use of it.

Setting the print quality to the lowest for day to day work

Generally, printers used in offices are ultra-modern with multifunctional usage. During office hours, a printer is often used by employees to efficiently carry out day to day work.

These prints do a pretty good job even when the print quality is set to low. Setting the printer’s print quality setting to low saves the cartridge on every print. If an employee requires a sharp print, he can easily change the print quality setting to high and later change it back to the low setting.

Using the best ink cartridges

While you can find several types of cartridges available for your office printer in the market,  it is always beneficial to go for the best ones available. The ones with the low prices seem attractive but are not good for the long run and can damage the printer’s hardware, which will eventually add up to servicing costs.

The best ink cartridges that are compatible with your printer usually cost more, but they save the printer from early wear and tear. They give you the best quality prints without putting much strain on the machine. Using the best cartridges can significantly increase the performance and life of the printer. 

Investing in high capacity ink cartridges

A printer is a most often used machine in an office, due to which there is a significant usage of ink cartridges. Refilling the ink every now and then requires regular extracting and inserting the cartridges which might harm the printer. 

High capacity ink cartridges are specifically designed for office purposes, they can hold up to 2-3 times more ink than normal cartridges. Investing in the same increases an office printer’s capacity to print. They cost more but save time and money spent on buying multiple cartridges.

Regular cleaning of the printer

A printer is a complex machine that requires proper maintenance and cleaning to continue giving the best print results. With time, a printer catches dust that might cause hindrance in the proper functioning of the machine and thus resulting in poor quality print outs.

The cleaning process of the printer is usually mentioned in the user manual. One must be extra cautious while going through the cleaning process, as it requires the removal and insertion of detachable components. Cleaning should always be done through cotton, dry cloth, and a brush.

Use the standby mode

While most of us think that switching off the printer when not in use is the best practice, but in reality, switching the printer on and off on a regular basis can damage it. Similarly keeping it on can also harm the machine.

When the printer is not in use, it is best to use the standby feature, which saves the energy and keeps the machine offload. However, if the printer is not to be used for several days, then, in that case, it is best to turn it off. Keeping this practice in hand can improve the lifespan of the printer and help keep you out of trouble of starting and turning off the machine every now and then.

Shut the manual tray after every use

It is important to note that the manual feeding tray is the only component in the printer that allows direct contact with the internal components of the machine. This opening can allow dirt and other foreign substances to enter the machine and cause malfunction, and therefore, causing hindrances in the print out quality.

The tray should be shut after each use, this will keep the dirt and other substances from entering the machine. Also, shutting the manual feed tray will save it from any accidental breakage.

Do not leave the printer unused for long

A printer is a sensitive machine, leaving it unused for long can dry up the ink in the cartridges, which can damage the printer’s health. Once the ink dries, it becomes essential to properly clean the toners and replace the cartridges, which has to be done very carefully, as one wrong touch can reduce the quality of printing.

Leaving the printer unused for long can also invite dust to the components, which can again prove to be damaging to the printer’s health. It is always best to keep the printer in regular use. In case if the printer has to be left unused for long, one must make sure to remove the cartridge and keep it in a safe place so that it does not cause any harm to any of the complex components inside the printer by drying up.

Regularly update the operating system

Modern printers operate through an operating system. Manufacturers regularly launch various updates to their operating systems that fix the bugs and enhance the speed and add other features to the printer. Keeping the printer up to date increases and amps up the performance of the machine. With new operating systems, the print quality increases and various new features get added to the functionality of the printer, which can prove to be beneficial for the work culture in the office.

Keeping the printer out of date can create frustration among the employees as it makes the system slow with time and even the print out quality might suffer.

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