7 Utility Apps that every Android User must have

Android is one of the common mobile operating systems with millions of users worldwide that are eventually utilizing their smartphones for numerous purposes.  There are millions of mobile apps for Android users that are available on the Google Play Store, and one can easily download these apps on their phones. Here we’ll discuss some utility apps that are must have for every Android user through which they can get the best out of their Smartphone.


AppLock is one of the essential utility apps that you must install on your phone, which lets you lock your applications containing your data and other media. You just need to install this app and set a password and lock the desired applications. The apps that you have locked will demand a password each time you tap on the app’s icon. Apart from this, you have an option to hide a particular app icon from your phone’s menu. AppLock is available free of cost on the Google Play store.

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Music Paradise

For all the music lovers seeking the best app for downloading their favorite music, Music Paradise is one of the finest music apps that let you download your preferred songs. You just need to search for the album, song name, or artist’s name and you will get relevant results. The app is available on the Play Store at free of cost.

Google Translate

Google Translate features easy translation of languages by a single tap. It is one of the finest apps that can be used for translating one language into 103 languages. Furthermore, the app can easily translate text by using your phone’s camera that can translate into 30 languages. You can also use the speech feature to translate in different languages.

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All-in-One ToolBox

The All-in-One ToolBox is a great utility app that lets you efficiently manage performance, battery, and memory storage of your device through a single app. This app is built precisely to deliver outstanding performance in managing your device at a single tap. You can easily free up some space on your phone by erasing the junk and closing the unnecessary apps that consume a lot of RAM. Moreover, you can easily manage your files and eventually boost the performance of your Android device.

Google Keep

Are you habitual of forgetting things, and find it difficult to make notes on your phone’s current note taker?  Well, Google Keep is the best note application that features a simple design that lets you easily manage your to-do list. This app is also freely available on the Google Play Store and supports numerous Android versions.

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GasBuddy is one of its kind apps that lets you find fueling stations near you while you are on your long trips. The app also provides a feature in which one can easily check the prices of the fuel in your area or other cities. The only drawback of this app is that it is only available in Canada, Australia, and the US.


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ParcelTrack lets you integrate all of your shipments from different carriers. You just need to enter the consignment tracking number along with the carrier name, and the app will easily track your shipments. This is a must app for people who parcel a lot of shipments, or order frequently from different online stores.

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