7 Useful Marketing Plugins to Promote Your Blog

Whether you are running a blog to promote your online store /services, or perhaps have dived into the sea of affiliate marketing, it is pretty evident that content is the unrivaled king. But creating unique and engaging content is just half the battle, promoting the content you publish amongst your target audience is the other half.

Oftes marketers struggle with getting more exposure for their blog. Even for seasoned veterans, managing the blog and growing its reach remains an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, several tools and plugins can help you monetize the blog effectively.

Read on to discover the most highly recommended marketing plugins for blog promotion.  

  1. Blog2Social

Published a new post and need to share it on social media? Automating the process of sharing blog posts on social media will save plenty of time that can be utilized for other promotional activities. Blog2Social is a powerful plugin that enables you to auto-post blogs on different social media platforms. You can also customize individual posts and schedule them to be shared at specific timings.

  1. Social Simple Icons

Promoting your blog on different social media platforms is undoubtedly one of the most successful ways of promoting a blog. But you know what’s even more effective; having your readers follow you and share your posts on social media channels. Adding social media sharing plugins to your blog can significantly increase your followers and maximize your reach. Social Simple Icons is a worth trying social sharing plugin for WordPress sites.

  1. Inbound Rocket

In most cases, people find a website while searching something, read an article and leave.  How about converting those hit-and-run readers into repeat visitors and customers? You can grow the reach of your blog significantly of you are able to get your site visitors to subscribe to your content. If you can capture the email address of your site visitors, you can leverage it to build relationships over time and convert prospects into customers. Inbound Rocket is an incredible conversion power-up that can help you get repeat customers.

  1. Hiplay

Promoting doesn’t end once you’ve posted your blog on social media. Re-sharing content that gets a good response is equally important to grow the reach of your blog. Hiplay can automate this process for you. It pulls out the content that has already been posted on social media, and then you can select the posts you want in heavy rotation. You can later schedule those evergreen posts through Hiplay.

  1. Leadpages

Lead generation is tricky, but leadpages is a popular solution that simplifies the process. The plugin enables you to create professional looking landing pages and integrates the same on your blog. Leadpages also allows you to create optin subscription pages, thank you pages, etc.

  1. Social Warfare

This is a no-brainer, images and videos get far more attention than text on social media platforms.  Similarly, posts with pictures get significantly more shares. But the problem is every platform has different requirements regarding image sizes and shapes. Social Warfare addresses this issue by allowing you upload images customized for different social media platforms. The tool will enable you to control and customize all the elements of how your post appears on social media.

If you are aware of any other effective plugin or marketing tool, do share with us in the comment section below.

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