7 Mobile Games you Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

Stepping out for a smoke? Have a short minute break between two meetings? Just finished lunch, but you still have a few minutes to spare? This is the perfect time to play a game. But not all games are fit to be played in such a short time. Some of them simply take too much to be an option when you only have a few minutes to spare.

Here you will find a list of the best games that can fit into your five minutes off.

7 Mobile Games you Can Play in Under 5 Minutes

Bejeweled slots

You can grab your phone, launch the browser and get this free slot game at Grizzly and start playing within seconds. It’s a reactor style slot machine based on the popular Big Fish casual title. It’s quick, colorful and entertaining, perfect for a quick break.

Any Flappy Bird clone

One of the most stressful and addictive games I ever played. And it’s perfect for a short break, as it will stress you out in five minutes or less.


If you need something fast-paced, fun and entertaining, look no further. Blackjack needs attention and strategy if you play it for money, but is a very relaxing game if you go casual.

Dumb Ways to Die

Dumb Ways to Die is not a single game, but a collection of several small games where you have to survive. All the games are crazy, wacky and fun to play, and very rewarding if you manage to survive them. The game gets harder as you progress – as a beginner, you won’t survive more than a few seconds of it.

Sonic Dash

This is a game that’s perfect both for short breaks and for cases when you have more time to kill. It combines casual gaming with a system of character development: you collect coins in every round, and spend them on various upgrades and power-ups. The game can become addictive, so make sure to not play it beyond your coffee break!

Fruit Ninja

It’s a fun little game that you can play in five minutes or less – except if you’re really good at it. It will test your reflexes and make your heart pump as more and more fruits are flying around the screen, waiting for you to slice them.

Any game with “Blitz”in its name

Last, but not least, let’s cover a game category with nothing but quick games. These games were built to be played in just a few minutes, packing as much action into their short time as possible. Collapse Blast is my favorite of all, but there are many others to choose from.

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