7 Cool Gadgets for Your Home

Technology has made home living more comfortable and convenient. The number of smart home gadgets at your disposal is proliferating. Thanks to technology, numerous cool gadgets can help you make your home cozier. These devices range from smart lights to automatic plant watering devices. The following are some cool gadgets that you should consider for your home. 

IoT Thermostats

No one wishes to experience the harsh weather that characterizes the winter season. IoT thermostats are designed to warm up all the rooms in your house during the coldest months of the year. These gadgets feature sleek touchscreen interfaces, which makes them easy to use. Some also come with remote sensors which ensure that all rooms are adequately heated. To use IoT thermostats, you only need to twist a dial to either turn the heating down or up. They can also be remotely controlled using Apple and Android devices. 

Smart LED Light Bulbs

Smart LED light bulbs are the most convenient ways of experimenting with smart home technology. They can just get screwed into existing light sockets. These light bulbs come with an application that allows you to control them from any location. The bulbs can also be connected to your home network to enable you to start making lighting tweak such as scheduling and diming lights remotely using your smartphone.  

Wi-Fi Water Sensors

Flooding is among the most frequent natural calamities. It is difficult to detect flooding until your basement get swamped in water, and your precious items ruined. Wi-Fi water sensors can help you recognize flooding as soon as water levels start rising. The sensors use your home Wi-Fi network and get connected to your smartphone. As soon as water levels start rising, audio and visual alerts will be sent to you via your phone. Notably, this helps you stay safe besides keeping your property out of harm’s way during heavy rainfall. 

Home Security Cameras

These are arguably the most popular smart home gadgets. They are not only affordable but also incredibly easy to use. Smart home security cameras work with your home Wi-Fi network to give you clear real-time 720p videos to both Android and iOS devices. With these cameras, you can monitor everything that happens in your house from anywhere. Most of these cameras run on AA batteries and therefore, can get installed anywhere. 

Cardio Body Scales

Cardio body scales are cool home gadgets that help you to monitor not only your weight but also your fat content, heart rate, and body water content. The scales get connected to an app that comes with them. Crucial body parameters get recorded and saved to the accompanying app thus allowing you to monitor your health over a specific period. This way, you can also spot trends in a manner that would have been impossible. 

Smart body scales have different calibrations and therefore, let’s you measure your weight in kilograms, lbs., and stones. The memory feature that is inherent in most cardio body scales means they can detect different users as soon as they stand on them. This way, several family members can monitor their weight at the same time. 

Smart Power Switches

These gadgets offer you the simplest and cheapest way of automating your home. The devices plug into your existing wall sockets thus allowing you to plug fans, kettles, and other gadgets into the switch. Smart power switches can be controlled using audio commands thus negating the need for you to walk across dark rooms whenever you want to power on your home gadgets, or even switch on your lights. The devices are quite easy to set up and can also help you monitor electrical consumption. 

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Household fires are commonplace. Many lives perish and property destroyed due to household fires. Smoke/Carbon monoxide detectors can help you minimize the typically devastating effects of household fires on human life and property. These gadgets come with sensors that detect both fast and slow-burning fires. Once a light is detected, an alert is sent to your phone. The devices will tell you the exact room where there is a fire. This makes controlling the fire, and evacuation efforts more efficient. 

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