6 Best Enterprise Messaging Solutions For Programmers

With respect to what programmers need, some four important things that an enterprise messaging solution should possess are:

  • The option to store logs.
  • The facility to make communication clutter-free.
  • Facility for customizations.
  • Should accommodate small as well larger group chat conversations, and traceable discussions at any point of time.

These are some of the features that programmers expect from a mobile chat application. Recently, more engineers are additionally paying consideration on elements, for example, robust security, since at this point everybody knows how simple it is for the organizations to keep an eye on people, anyplace on the web.

secure text messaging app

  1. Internet Relay Chat

The great ‘ol Internet Relay Chat, also called IRC. It is one of the most established communication platforms that has stayed leading in its business since its launch. Indeed, even today, systems, for example, Freenode are the home to a huge number of designers, specialists, and other tech related individuals. In case, you obtain the essential tools and customers, it can be made exceptionally secure, and as a matter of course it’s the most modifiable customer out there.

  1. U&Me Plus

U&Me Plus is the new option for small businesses and groups who work together, it works like a personal business database. The three things that make U&Me Plus stand out is the capacity to work with documents, a search option and the scale of integrations it accommodates. Search option is the one of the top features that a programmer looks for, the enterprise mobile applications are essentially fantastic and give so much flexibility, and the capacity to incorporate with applications like SalesForce, OneDrive, Box etc., simply make it an easy decision.  U&Me Plus is on the way to replace IRC and email. Although it is good, experts will stick to the best enterprise messaging solution.

  1. Campfire

Do you give top importance to security and privacy? Then Campfire app is an app you have to try. This app helps you launch private chat rooms easily within just a few seconds, invite the people, colleagues and anyone. It is a network-agnostic and built for team communication.

Other interesting features include share photos, file viewing, start SSL accounts, unlimited chat rooms, multiple chat accounts and lot more.

  1. Slack

Slack is one of the good team communication platforms that is suitable for programmers. In the recent article, ‘the next web’ has shared an article about the way Slack is killing IRC. The slack app provides the facility of direct messaging, group chats, and message broadcasting. The entire content in Slack accounts can be searched from a unitary interface, and the service incorporates a wide range of 3rd party applications such as Google Apps, Twitter, Zendesk, GitHub and Heroku.

  1. Flowdock

Flowdock makes your collaboration noticeable by integrating project activities with the project management tools (Trello, Rally, Pivotal Tracker, JIRA), client feedback channels (Zendesk, Twitter), version control frameworks (BitBucket, GitHub, Kiln), and numerous different sources into an action stream that is accessible right alongside your chat. You can utilize activities as an environment for your conversations and fix the issues collectively as a team.

  1. SVYFT

One good thing about SVYFT is that it is totally free, so you don’t need to stress over marshalling your financial plan excessively. You can make boundless measures of open or private chat teams that can manage a boundless number of individuals inside of them. You can likewise specifically incorporate applications, for example, Dropbox and Google Drive, to make document sharing easy. The main paid element is Chatlets; capacity to run continuous applications inside of the group talk. All information is fixed and safely encoded, so except you no one can see it.  

Enterprise Messaging Solutions for Programmers

It’s just the extremely top scoop of what applications and devices are out there, texting is a major part of the universe of software engineer and the coder, and it unquestionably is a major piece of the universe of web everywhere, except and, after it is all said and done — it is extremely unlikely that enterprise messaging solutions, for example, Skype could legitimize the requirement for features, for example, usability and availability, and additionally security — which Skype isn’t generally popular for.

We trust that this rundown will give you a superior thought of what is out there in the business and that you’ll discover something that reverberates with what you as of now need. Do give us links and information about the different platforms that you’ve observed to be useful to yourself, or your company. Please feel free to share your feedback or suggestions in the comments section.

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