5 Video Downloaders Available For Downloading Videos

People now days are so much addicted to their smart phones. The social media applications are now used at a very high level. People have spent so much of their time using social media apps. They watch videos, stream movies, and hear songs, etc. on social media. The new technological advancements are coming our way every day. Many social media application does not allow the users to download the videos on their devices. For this purpose users have to download an additional application which allows the users to download the videos from social media. Most popular social media application among users is the YouTube. But YouTube does not allow the users to download the videos from social media applications. There is a new craze in people to collect that they watched. YouTube is that social media application which is popular among infants to senior people. Sometimes when you are about to watch your favourite video it starts buffering. In this situation the best decision is to download that video so that you can watch them whenever you want.

 Going on a place where there is no internet connection, in that case you need an application. Vidmate is the solution for all your video downloading problems. Not only these but there so many other applications available which allows you to download videos from social media. Some of the video downloading applications are discussed as follows:

  • GetTube: User can also use this application to download audios from the social media applications. It allows the users to download videos in any format that the users wish. You can stream the music or video in the background. It also supports picture in picture mode. You can also switch to its faster downloading mode. 
  • Tubemate: this video downloading application is designed only for the android users. This application allows the users to download the videos at the quickest speed as possible. It supports user friendly interface and is very easy to use by the users. It is basically a replica of YouTube. 
  • Vidmate: if we talk about the most leading application downloaded by the users then here is the answer. Vidmate allows the users to download the videos from any social media platform in any formats. Remember- this app is only for android and not available on Google play store or apple play store. It is only on 3-party apps stores like 9apps.
  • KeepVid: this video downloading application allows the users to download the videos at a faster pace. You can download the video and store it in your device for later use. You can alsosearch for the videos, etc. on this application only. By simply searching the file or video you can download it. 
  • arkTube: this application is an independent application used to download the videos. You can download the video with this application by choosing share option and then selecting this application. It supports many resolutions in which you can download your favourite video. It also allows you to download the music.

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