5 Types of Desktop Wallpapers for Boosting Productivity

Desktop wallpapers have been widely used to improve productivity for people who use their desktop computer primarily for work. It is normal to wander away from the task on hand and starting to browse other things that are not related to work after a while of working on the computer screen. Managers can reduce this incident in the office by setting the desktop background of the staff computers with a corporate wallpaper that can boost productivity. The following are 5 types of wallpapers that can boost employee’s productivity.

  • Wallpaper that Features an Influential Person

Everyone has a dream of becoming someone great. Undoubtedly, there is also someone in their lives that they admire and want to imitate their footstep. It could be a founder of a big company, a politician, a guru that you find can give you a source of inspiration. There can be motivational words bold on the influential figure in the wallpaper.  Choosing a wallpaper that features the inspirational person can help to motivate the person who is working on the computer to keep on going until he finishes all his office work duty. Sometimes, the staff get hit with a personal matter in their daily lives and they feel not in the mood to work. Taking a look at the inspirational person can perk up the spirit and help him to get back up in the mood to work again.

  • Travel Landscape Wallpaper

Seeing a travel landscape wallpaper reminds one about a vacation in the holiday. Travel landscape wallpapers are perfect for employers to publish an important announcement, or reminder unobtrusively with a wallpaper management software.  The message can enter into the head of the staff more effectively because of the visually interesting landscape wallpaper.  The employer can set the corporate wallpaper to a travel destination that he knows many of the staff are talking about going. It can be a famous luxury vacation destination that everyone is talking about going such as Santorini in Greece, Eiffel Tower, Florence Cathedral, and Belize. It can also be a picture of a random landscape that is inspirational to look at. The corporate wallpaper can be set based on the holiday season, for example, using a romantic landscape as the wallpaper background on Valentine’s Day for the staff computers. On Christmas day, change the wallpaper to a Christmas wallpaper to create the atmosphere in the office.

  • Inspirational Quote Wallpaper

Wallpaper with the inspirational quote is not just a random nice picture for decorating the desktop. There is power in reading the positive message on the wallpaper. Every time you read it, you are affirming the positive message. It will brainwash you to believe what the quote says is true. Often, employees can’t do their work properly because they have negative thoughts that are creating them. Seeing the inspirational quote every day can slowly get rid of the negative thoughts in the employees. The communication wallpaper will help to improve their work productivity when they start to think positively. Research shows that inspirational quote wallpaper can help people that suffer from depression and mental disorders.

  • Goal Oriented Wallpaper

Another wallpaper that is similar to inspirational quote wallpaper is a goal-oriented wallpaper. It is easy for staff to be lazy and decide to work half-heartedly pushing today’s work to tomorrow. Managers can stop this from happening by using a goal-oriented wallpaper. The motivational message can encourage the staff to be hardworking towards the company’s mission. Every time the staff see the goal-oriented message, he is reminding himself that he is part of the company and he is responsible for showing good performance that contributes to the company’s objective. It will help to motivate the staff to stick to their progress and maintain a good track record of performance in their jobs.

  • Organizational Desktop Wallpaper

If you notice your staff computer is always messy, you can consider setting the desktop background with an organizational wallpaper. If the desktop looks messy, one will feel not in the mood to work. Organizational wallpaper has boxes with the label about where goes where. There are various types of organizational wallpapers to suit your need. Some wallpapers have columns for current work for files that staff are currently working on. It could also have other columns for organizing permanent and miscellaneous files. By using an organizational wallpaper, it prevents the staff from having to look here and there to find the file that he wants to open. It saves time and helps him to get what needs to be done faster.

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