5 Tips for Choosing Effective Staff Training

Need to train your staff to better operate their digital workspaces in the home office? Here’s how to do it without losing out.

Unfortunately for all of us, staff training sessions are not all created equal. There are wide disparities in what constitutes basic technology training, let alone the advanced courses. 

If you are an employer, then you will have noticed that the digital shift brought a new world of problems you hadn’t come across before. For example, setting up Karen’s PC that hasn’t been turned on since 2009 so that she can work from home.

5 Tips to help you Choose Great Staff Training

Digital and tech training are no longer optional in the world of work. Here are five tips for choosing a good training company to help you maximise productivity, even while your employees work from home.

1 – Choose a Trusted Firm

One of the best things you can do to stop your staff being left with knowledge gaps, is to choose a tech training firm that have a long history, a valued client base, and who offer a few different courses. Hays Technology Jobs’ focus is a good example of a tech training company who offer multiple focal points for those that need employee’s skill development in specific areas.

2 – Look for Insurance

This is particularly true of medical technology training and areas where it could be life or death if your staff don’t get it right. Look for licensing, bonding, insurance, for certification, and for any other credentials.

3 – Learn to Trust Reality

A good training firm starts with those at the top. If the firm was started by someone with loads of experience in the industry, then it is likelier to do what you need it to than others. This goes for the course content, too. Who created it? Was it someone straight out of school or was it someone with twenty years of industry-led experience? The devil is in the detail in this case.

4 – Do they leave Employees Self-Sufficient?

A good training course teaches your employees everything they need to know about technology use in the workspace. A great training course teaches your employees everything they need to know, shows them where to find the information that they don’t know, and can even make them capable of showing other employees where they are going wrong.

If you opt for a tech training course for your employees that needs refresher sessions any more often than once a year, they are probably in it for the money. On the other hand, regular technical training for employees is essential in a WFH culture.

5 – Are they Employee Positive?

Some training courses are so dull that half your staff will call in sick for day two. Employee positive courses are focused on delivering tech training to staff members in order to benefit them. So it is fun, it is tailored, it is helpful, and your employees come through it with a better CV.

Better Training is Within your Grasp

Use what you have learned today to choose better technical training for your employees in future.

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