5 Things to consider before buying a Power Bank

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives .In a recent study from the company Deloitte, it was found that people of America across all age groups, check their phones on an average 46 times a day.Gone those days where people only used their phone to call it is now more of gaming and media content.All these factors lead to make your battery run low .The easiest solution to this is carrying an external battery source around popularly know as a power bank.In this post, you will learn “5 Things you should consider before buying a Power Bank“.

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Most people regret buying a power bank and the reason they complain of is :-

  • The power bank takes ages to charge
  • The power bank charges my phone as slow as hell
  • The power bank efficiency is less than 50%
  • The power bank is too heavy to carry around

5 Reasons you should consider before buying a Power Bank:-

#1-Brand :-

Many people skip good brands just because they are expensive .Well, this may be true in some cases but not always.Think for yourself what’s better changing 3 similar phones over a period of 12 months or buying an affordable phone from a ” trustworthy company  “that you would love to use for a long time.

The most important thing is to understand is that any device should not come in between you and its usage.You won’t need to worry about the below if you buy a good brand:-

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Re-sale value
  • Product after service

#2-Power Output:-


Your power bank capacity doesn’t matter as much as the power output of a power bank .The most prime reason for buying is to charge your device and if fails to do that right , it just as good as a plastic box.All devices which people use needs at least 2 Ampere to charge it .So before buying a power bank check, at least, one of the two output ports has a 2.1 Ampere output .

Many people complain that while charging the phone the battery percentage still decreases.The answer is simple if your rate of charging is lower than the rate of discharging the battery percentage will decrease and may also reach zero and the phone might switch off.

Advantages of high-power output power banks are:-

  • Phone charges quickly
  • Usage of phone and charging can be done together
  • Rate of charging is always greater than rate of discharging of your phone

#3.Power Capacity

The next important thing you should consider is power capacity after the above two.This depends solely depends on what devices you are using and where are you taking it for.The power bank’s capacity should be at least 2.5 times your phone’s capacity to get 2 full charges out of it.Only 70% of a power bank’s capacity is usable .

For example, I bought a 9,000 mAh power bank to charge a phone with 3000 mAh battery .The usable power I can use is just 6300 mAh which will only give 2 full charges, not 3 as per your expectation.And the same also goes for a tablet as well.

The place you want it to use is also important to consider.For example, if I am buying a power bank for office one full charge is sufficient whereas if it is for travelling 3 full charges will also won’t be sufficient .

#4.Weight and Form Factor


The power bank is also called a portable charger so you would want to buy a portable and not a bulky one.Not all power banks are really portable to carry around.If you always carry your power bank to where ever you go you should consider a light power bank with a sleek design.

This way it won’t be a burden on you while carrying it around .If you are looking to know more about best power banks in India make sure to check the link.The website covers all the major power banks and tips to make your power bank experience a “pleasant one”.

#5.Build Quality and Genuine

Build Quality is an important factor for a power bank as it decides the durability and longevity of the device.You don’t want a power bank which can’t even handle light falls.The power bank should be rugged and durable enough to work for years together.


Buying a genuine power bank is also essential.The market is flooded with fake power banks so you should be cautious before buying one.Please refrain from buying power bank from the roadside vendors just for that extra discount.

I hope the checklist above should help you in buying a perfect power bank for yourself as per your usage.If you any questions or suggestion feel free to comment below.

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