5 Most Reliable Mobile Apps to Ace JEE Main 2018

JEE Main stands as the most popular engineering entrance exam in the country. The exam is taken by around 10 lakh aspirants every year. Due to sheer competition, cracking it is not an easy task. Most of the students go for coaching, some are able to make the most of it, while others are not. At this moment, a big confusion amongst students is that whether they should go for online coaching or offline.

Online or Offline: Which One to Go For?

While both the types have their own pros and cons, but many students are now moving towards online mode as this offers various benefits. Firstly, you can study on your own pace. Secondly, you can study anytime and anywhere, so you are not bound by the timings of offline coaching. Availability of it on portable devices like mobile phones and tablets has made it even more popular.

The apps proffer question papers and mock tests with exam pattern and syllabus of all JEE Main subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Maths. There is no better source of preparing than the mobile apps as they work in accordance with the changes. Today, we bring you 5 best and most reliable apps for JEE Main preparation. These apps have been trusted by many and have led them to the path of success. Take a look at this list and ace with these apps: –


Rating: 4.5

AskIITians is a free JEE preparation app that acts as a great reference tool in your preparation. It covers almost everything you need to prepare for JEE and can help you clear your doubts as soon as they arise.

This app comes with complete syllabus and important topics. It also offers daily practice papers for the exam as well.

Key features of this App

Short and to the point video lectures: – AskIITians app includes crisp video lectures on almost all the topics which help in grasping the concepts.

AI based doubt clearance: – The latest version of the app is powered by artificial Intelligence, which enables doubt solving within minutes of posting.

Visualization method of solving: – The app comes with an inbuilt feature in which you can draw the figures or diagrams while solving the question, which enhances your learning.

Higher level mathematics problems: – It is an amalgamation of easy and tricky mathematics questions which are coupled with straight forward and easy solutions, which have the ability to take your mathematics preparation to the next level.

Premium services: – Although there is a lot of amazing content available for free in the app, but if students want to learn more from the core team of AskIITians, then they can avail premium services as well. 

IIT JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2018 App by EduRev

IIT JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2018 App by EduRev is a perfect solution to all your requirements for JEE preparation. From Video Lectures to practice questions, this app has almost everything that you need.

Key features of this app

In depth analysis and Gamification: – A unique feature of this app is that it changes your preparation into a journey which has several stages to complete. All the questions and concepts are explained in complete details which enhance your preparation.

Social Learning Network: – The app comes connected with the learning forum of EduRev, www.edurev.in. With this, you can connect with more than 1,40,000 students which are on the platform and take the benefit of peer learning.

JEE Mock Tests and previous year papers: – This app has a complete collection of JEE mock tests which are an essential part of your preparation. Along with this, it also has past year papers along with solutions.

NCERT Books: – Another great feature of this app is that it comprises NCERT class 11 and 12 books, which are considered the best for starting your preparation. This makes the app useful for even a beginner who is just looking to start his preparation. 


HashLearn by Hash Education Pvt. Ltd. is another powerful tool which makes your JEE preparation stress free and completely focused. With several recognitions like “HashLearn is WhatsApp of IIT Tutoring” by TechCircle and Google Launchpad Accelator company, this app has really grown to be favorite of many.

Key features of this app

Instant doubt clearing: – HashLearn comes with inbuilt support for 24*7 doubt clearance by IIT and BITS tutors. It makes sure that you have no doubts regarding your preparation.

Organized question bank: – This app makes sure that you do not waste any time and offers you a big question bank to solve. The tests and questions are organized according to difficulty levels and thus it is suitable for any kind of aspirant.

1 to 1 lessons: – Another brilliant feature of it is that you not need scheduling or prior booking to attend the lessons or sessions. All of them are instant and can be attended anytime.

Material for other engineering exams as well: – This app not only comes with study material for JEE Main, but also with proper guidance and preparation tools for tests like BITSAT, VITEEE, COMEDK and WBJEE as well. The extra material can be of good help in JEE preparation as well, as you can get exposure to variety of questions.


Preplane is an app by Plancess EduSolutions Pvt Ltd which offers many useful features to prepare for JEE Main. It is highly personalized and offers content relevant to your needs and level of proficiency. Preplane is certainly a must have app, even if you are taking coaching or not, as it is great in monitoring your preparation.

Key features of this app

Huge question bank: – Preplane comes with as much as 75,000 questions for JEE Main and Advanced which is really a big number. All of these questions have aptly explained solutions which will definitely prove to be handy in your preparation.

Mock Tests: – Preplane helps to track your preparation with fortnightly mock tests which it offers on the app. These come with varying difficulty levels and complete test analysis, which are not just good for practice but also for noticing your strengths and weaknesses.

Customized tests: – Another highly useful feature of this app is that it offers customized practice tests. This means that you can select the topic which you want to practice along with the level of difficulty you would prefer, and you will be given a test that you can solve.

Personalized suggestions: – Preplane continuously monitors your preparation and keeps an eye on your performance. Analyzing your performance, it gives you personalized suggestions made only for you. This is really an amazing feature for your preparation.

Rise: Test series

Rise: Test series app gives you ample number of tests which will be immensely useful in your preparation.

Key features of this app

All kinds of test: – This app is not only for full length mocks tests. Along with these, it includes chapter-wise, topic-wise and other time-based tests which open up all dimensions of test taking.

Detailed analysis: – After each test, you are given detailed analysis of the test. Every aspirant is given a relative report of his/her strengths and weaknesses which makes test taking more useful.

Complete solutions: – This app comes bundled with detailed and high-quality solutions of each and every test. Getting easier solutions is an important thing as it saves a lot of time in the actual exam.

All India Ranks: – The best thing about online mock tests is that one competes with a huge base of aspirants taking the test. So here you get an AIR after each test, which lets you know where you stand. 

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