5 Major Tips to Deal with Your Angry Customers in a Call Centre This 2016

Dissatisfied customers are unfortunately a major fact of business life. And how you respond would here determine whether the customer would go tell his or her friends and family members how terrible your business has been, or instead rave about your unmatched customer’s service.  Given below are the 5 major ideas and strategies that would help you deal with your angry customers this 2016.

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Understanding what their core problem is: Especially when emotional, customers would here never communicate what their core problem is. They might complain about a features behaviour when they are using a wrong feature or even complain about their support experience when they are frustrated with your products and services. Once they are vented do make sure to ask questions that are in your mind so you would exactly know what you really need to address.

Maintaining a professional and a positive tone: No matter how the customers talk or speak to you, the call centre agents do need to have a professional tone. Customers who are angry and verbally become abusive would be referred to supervisors and asked to cooperate respectfully, but in no situation should the call centre industry agent show negative feelings and language towards the customers they have been dealing with. Having a positive and sincere tone while serving your customers with meaningful resolution is essential.

Having their concerns repeated: Once your customer has found time to explain why he has been upset, then do make sure to repeat his concerns so that you would be sure that you are addressing the right issue. If you need do ask questions to make sure that you have identified the problem correctly. Be calm and use an objective wording. Say for example as I understand what your concern is, quite rightly, upset because we did not deliver the samples that we had promised you in the last week. Repeating the problem to all your clients and customers would show them that you are listening, lowering their anger and stress level. More over this would again help you to agree on problems that needs to be solved.

Taking up the right action and follow up: Once you and your customer have agreed on the solution its time that you take an immediate action. Have each and every step explained that you would be taking to fix the problem of your client. In case your customers have contacted you through phone, then do make sure that he or she has your name and contact details. This gives the customers a feeling of control because he or she could get connected with you again when ever required.

To apologize or not to apologize: When it comes to a call centre industry most of the team feel you should never apologize as it encourages the users to blame you and expect that you would be addressing their issues and concerns immediately. Some feel it’s good when you apologize especially when it’s a mistake done by your team and should not apologize if it was in a situation that was not in your control. Studies have shown that validation that apologizing seems to be more effective formula in a call centre industry. That sounds to be frustrating is again a great way to validate rather than just apologizing or promising to prioritize their request.

Though it’s not that easy, I would like to say this that the above mentioned five major tips to deal with your angry customers, and we also know that I know that when you are in the middle of the situation it does extremely become difficult not to be defensive. So what other tips would you like to add to the above mentioned list. Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

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