5 Link Building Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

Link building has gained a lot of prominence in the last few years. In fact, a majority of the marketers have started using it to make a strong foothold in the SEO scene. However, there have been others too who have fraudulently bought and sold links thus bringing link building under the scanner. For successful implementation a lot needs to be paid attention to and here are 5 link building strategies you may attempt with.

Reverse Guest Posting 

This method is so far in its nascent stages but yields very good results. You get to publish your link on other bloggers’ websites and maybe get them to post on yours. In case you have some great content to offer customers on the other blogger’s website are sure to notice and want to know more about it. However, you have to be very careful with this and write only on things which have not been published before. You may take the help of link building services to do so with ease. SEOOutreachers has mastered the art of link building and would find out the correct strategies to do so for your brand too.

Looking for broken links 

There are various websites which may have broken links and have not worked on the same. However, you may use this fact to your advantage. Find out such broken links and contact the website owner if you think you have content to match the same. By doing that you not only add to your links but also increase your visibility. Though this trick can only be used if your niche as the same as that of the website. 

Mentioning influencers in your posts

When an influencer finds a place in your post people read as they consider his opinion trustworthy. By mentioning their name you are not fanning their ego in any manner. On the other hand, they would share the content which mentions them and thus you get the exposure that is required. But, you have to be sensible in the way you use this trick. Use only authentic information and make it look trustworthy. Do not try to force the influencer’s opinion in a totally off context article as that would disinterest your readers.

Add humor to your content

No customers want to read something boring and drab. If you can add a dash of humor to it then you might expect some of them to notice and agree to it. The trick, however, is to harness the power of humor in a subtle manner and let the customers agree with you. If they like it and agree with your thinking they would mostly be sharing it ahead thus making it a profitable situation for your brand.

Analyzing competitors backlinks 

You have started off but your competitors have already established themselves. You can take a cue from their past link building exercises and find out how they achieved the same position. Go through their backlink details and see if you can make a foray into the same too. Doing this would not be an easy task though. You would have to find which competitors to target and then start analyzing their backlinks. There are tools that would list down for each and your work starts off after that.


This year use these link building strategies to gain a strong foothold in the online space. If you are facing difficulties in the execution of each you may contact SEOOutreachers for guidance. Along with analyzing your present links they would strategize and build a campaign that creates valuable links for you. Once they go through your web presence it won’t be tough to decipher and implement practices that would yield quick results.

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