5 Incredible Recreational Uses for 3D Printers

Three-dimensional desktop printing has for some time been used by engineers to enhance product development. From prototyping to product design, 3D printers have also made it possible to affordably design and print products in a matter of days rather than the traditional method that took months to deploy. Today, printers are accurate and accessible, which has led to additional manufacturing methods, innovative applications, product availability and print designs that are leading to incredible recreational uses for 3D printers.

1. D&D Gaming Figurine

It was only a matter of time before technology created the interactive gamine figurine craze. From Nintendo to Dungeon & Dragons Jawstec.com is one of the leading companies bringing this 3D feature to life with their printer capabilities that produce game-worthy D&D figurines like War of the Aberrations, Angelfire, Deathknell, Dangerous Delves, Dragon Queen, Dungeons of Dread, Savage Encounters, Tyranny of Dragons and War Drums. Jawstec also uses a character model creator that allows you to print unlimited figurines that use high-grade materials and display craftsmanship.

2. 3D Musical Instrument

Musical instruments are often expensive, which is why many people say they cannot afford to learn to play. Now with the use of 3D printers, users are reducing the manufacturing cost by printing instruments. While some instruments need specific material to create a sound, most instruments do not. Printers now use fused deposition modeling, selective laser sintering and stereolithography to print. The 3Dvarius and Wiss trumpets are just two examples that have successfully used this technology.

3. Snow Sport

Winter sports takes on a whole new degree of sophistication when you use 3D snowboards or skis. This type of printer technology also allows you to customize the material based on location, weather or snow-depth specifications. The 3D printing application personalizes custom-built equipment that takes extreme sports to a whole new level. With the ability to print cheaper snow sports gear, there is no excuse to not be out on the slopes or participating in snowboard competitions worldwide.

4. Boating

Using 3D printers to print parts and components for boats are also on the rise. Chaparral Boats is one such company whose founder learned coding, robotics and the Siemens NX11 PLM engineering software to implement such technology into his own company. While this boater had previously only used 3D printers for upstream design and concepts, they are now using it for downstream production capabilities for their patterns, jigs and fixtures. Not only does it save the company production costs, but it speeds up the product output in their manufacturing line which is a timesaver.

5. Fishing

The Pacific Bay International uses 3D printing technology for fishing tackle supplies for worldwide distributors. As a manufacturer of reel seats, rod blanks, grips, guides and hardware, their end goal is the production of quality-made products. The company meets this goal by beginning their process with a 3D printer design and prototype, which allow their engineers to print affordable product ideas for testing.

As 3D printing ideas evolve, this technology will allow corporations and individual users the freedom to expand upon their creativity with the single investment of a 3D printer.

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