5 Cool Apps that Help Students

There is an app for almost everything today, including education. They can make the life of students easier, secured, cheaper and more interesting. Whether students want to make notes, revise, create essays or conduct a research, apps cater to the needs of that all. Here are the five cool apps that help students in different situations.

  1. Office Lens (iOS, Android, Windows)

It helps students to capture the images of whiteboards, docs or presentations with the camera and instantly converts them into a more readable format. This is also helpful in transforming the images into PDF, PowerPoint presentations and Word Documents. The app can carry out the optical character recognition on the paper documents to transform them into formatted text. Scanned images can be stored to OneDrive, OneNote or instantly on the device’s onboard memory. In whiteboard mode, the app can capture the accurate mode free from glare or shadows. The app has, in addition, the business card mode to turn contact details into a digital business card and transform them into the address book.

  1. Coggle (iOS, Android)

Coggle is the best app for students who like visualization. It is the best app for connecting the ideas and thoughts for paper writing. It is a simple yet powerful way of structuring the information. The best thing is one can share the knowledge by arranging the documents in the way a mind works. Therefore it is also called the mind mapping apps. This is the great app for taking notes, brainstorming ideas, planning or performing something creative. It is also beneficial for choosing the topic for paper writing, keeping track of the ideas and paragraphs and noting random thoughts by storing in the app.

  1. Dragon Dictation (iOS)

It is the best app for students who want to save a lot of time by dictating and transforming thoughts from voice to text. Students can send the dictation homework to the app and can save the pain of writing a lot. The dictations can be sent to text, email, Twitter, Facebook, or you can paste it to any other application.

The best thingabout this app is that it’s available in many languages other than English. There are certain key areas students need to know while working with this app;for example you should avoid using itif the background is noisy.

  1. Wunderlist (iOS, Android, Windows)

A to-do list app is essential for students to keep up with all the homework and deadlines. Students can set the due dates, reminders and share lists with each other. In addition to this, one can save web pages and articles to read later. Students can easily make the notes so that they don’t forget their ideas.They can also create hashtags to organize these notes.

They can use subtasks, notes, and files to add more details to their lists of to-dos. These to-dos can easily be collaborated with family, friends and fellow students. You can quickly search the lists by pressing CTRL+ALT+W and view the important information and data. Wunderlist instantly syncs between a computer, tablet and phone to access data anywhere anytime.

  1. StudyBlue (iOS, Android)

It has the magical power to transform every piece of free time to a productive study time with flashcards. Students can createlessons and share digital flashcards for free. The best thing about this app is that you can customize the study materials with images and audio. In addition to this, you can take quizzes, track their progress and set study reminders for revisions.

Youcan access study materials on desktop and mobile devices according to your convenience. The app keeps the statistics for your performance through progressive charts. Flashcards can be copied and edited to make them more customized for your study. Another great feature is that it creates a quiz based on your cards.

These were five cool apps that help students to work more efficiently, save a lot of time and get better grades.

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