5 Books Every Skilled Iphone App Developer Must Read

When the coding gets tough, the tough gets coding? Not always. There are times when the software development project can get difficult and the assignment turns into a major challenge. All iOS developers must possess a library they can count on when the coding gets complicated.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Swift, Java, and Objective C; there are numerous good books on iOS App Development whether you are a novice or an advanced Guru. The following list of books is a must-have for every skilled iPhone App Developer.


Appreneur – Secrets to Success in the App Store – Taylor A. Pierce      

A perfect way to start your year and your iPhone app is by grabbing a copy of Appreneur – a book on developing profitable apps and starting a successful app business of your own! This comprehensive book contains all the vital information you need to know about development and design, how to recruit the right resources and get productive results, marketing strategies and the main goal of every skilled iPhone App Developer – getting  millions of app downloads in record time. Written by highly experienced mobile app entrepreneurs, this book is a must-read for all aspiring app developers to advanced app gurus as it steers your ideas in the right direction by turning them into apps that sell like hot cakes.

Starting an iPhone Application Business For Dummies

A series of books everyone loves! Currently, iPhone apps are the hottest mobile application trend and this book is perfect for a beginner who isn’t well-acquainted with the iOS world. It provides reliable, crisp and concise information aimed at helping entrepreneurs and developers create a sustainable business in this happening new market.

Though, this is written specifically for iPhone app developers, but it can be read and grasped by anyone who is curious to know about the ins and outs of the mobile app industry. After reading this book, you would know more on starting an app business, choosing a niche, target audiences, app monetization strategies and alternative profitable revenue models.

Designing the iPhone User Experience: A User-Centered Approach to Sketching and Prototyping iPhone Apps – Suzanne Ginsburg

Here’s a refreshing look at a completely different, user-centered design purely from the perspective of designing mobile user experiences for the iPhone. This book throws light on what exactly does it mean by to “design” a mobile application.

Mobile app designing is more than flashy graphics and creating beautiful wireframes – it’s also about optimizing the app for users and creating intuitive user interfaces. Not only for an iOS device, but this book can be used by a developer working for any other platform, as it focuses on spotting the differences between good design and bad design. It’s all about putting yourself in the user’s shoes and once you are done reading this book, you will be able to create stunning and effective apps users would simply love to use!

Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) (Developer’s Library) Stephen G. Kochan

Here’s a carefully written tutorial on the basics of Objective-C and OOP (Object-Oriented Programming). Upon reading this book, most of the readers claim that the author derives no assumptions or conclusions about prior experience with OOP-programming languages or with the C Language. This is the main feature as to why both novice as well as accomplished iPhone app developers can utilize this book to quickly grasp and learn the fundamentals of Objective-C.

It’s also great for students, as it contains few program exercises and examples at the end of every chapter, which makes it brilliant for classroom use or even self-study.

iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (3rd Edition) – Joe Conway and Aaron Hillegrass

Written by the biggies of iOS Application Development, this guide provides you with the perfect basics of iPad and iPhone application development you are looking at. Updated to the T and expanded to cover the recent iOS 7 and XCode 5, the 3rd edition of The Big Nerd Ranch Guide walks you through the essential tools, techniques and concepts for developing your first iOS application even if you are a novice.

Based on their popular iOS Bootcamp course and owing to its well-tested methodology, this bestselling and all-time favorite guide promises productive results by teaching iOS coding and concepts in a simple manner. Also, throughout the book the authors have shared their insights on how iOS development works, its features available and when and where to apply all the knowledge you have learned from the book.

The above is not a inclusive list, but it’s a great start on iPhone Application Development. If you have any suggestions or further books to add to this list, drop in your comments below!

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