5 Best Apps for Efficient Project Management

Be it personal or large, you can’t expect to manage a project without a stable strategy. Prior to the computer era, managers would find it difficult to keep a track of more than one particular assignment. There would have been plenty of investment required for time and resources.

However, ever since the advent of online and social media apps, managers have a bigger edge in managing their projects and their sanity all at once. It matters not if it’s monitoring social media activities or research paper writing, these apps will help us stay on the level.

So without eating anymore of your precious time to do other things you have planned, here are the finest project management tools:


  1. Asana

The idea behind this illustrious app is that you and your team and work from wherever you like, even if it is outside the office walls. The speed and scope of modern organizations is something that no longer requires the services of emails.

This is because the cooperation needs to be direct, fast and on the same page, which is what Asana was made to handle. Not only does was Asana made to juggle multiple projects, but it can also do tasks.

It is found on multiple platforms such as Android and Apple devices.


We all know that businesses have it rough to maintain their grip on imperative data and customer information fluently. That is why ONTRAPORTserves as the ultimate solution to those problems.

The suffocating task of probing the status of your projects will be greatly reduced and will get you better customer experiences as well as sales. Not to mention ONTRAPORT’s services become automated so it can save you precious amounts of time.

Even if you have questions and need support on your end, you only need to respond to one team. You also get to setup dazzling high conversion pages, even if you possess no background in graphic designing.

  1. Smartsheet

Managing a production schedule and a sales pipeline would have been torture if it hadn’t been for Smartsheet. It is quite handy, for it can be used directly via Google Apps or Salesforce.com. All of your assignments will be tailored in one single page and will gather information from hundreds of sites.

You can view Gantt charts, upload and share files, as well as automate workflows. Furthermore, it can deliver results even quicker than normal standards.

  1. Trello

Trello is that one unorthodox application that goes out of the way and spares you the trouble of using outdated email threads, spreadsheets and such. The interface is genuinely simple, which shows all of your tasks in the form of cards in what you see are shown on a Trello board.

You can drag and drop those cards to know about the progress of your projects, as well as add people to your projects. There is virtually little to no effort required in setting this all up and your projects are perfectly synced with any device.

  1. OmniPlan

If the name of this powerful app doesn’t give it away, then perhaps the tagline “Project management made painless” will help blur the lines. This program is designed to help you manage and maintain the progress of your projects from the screens of your mobile devices.

The Gantt view that comes with OmniPlanis sophisticated, responsive and quite user-friendly. Whether you start from a simple outline or finalize your project, OmniPlan will be there to ensure your goals are achieved.

It allows you to stay focused on specific information that is essential to your tasks and will filter out dates that are not of your concern.

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Sabrina Walker is an academician who helps out students with their academic writing needs. Also, she shares tech-savvy tips with students and working adults to help them survive professional life easily.

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