5 Agile CRM Alternatives You Should Switch on 2020

According to stats, 64% of sales professionals are already using CRM. They rely on one or the other CRM systems for streamlining their processes, managing prospects and lead nurturing, and for the end goal of revenue generation and customer management. 

Around 44% of businesses planning to increase IT budgets in 2020 to invest in CRM applications. Marketers know how effective CRM applications are to maintain their business as well as for revenue growth. There are various CRM applications available in the market to suit different businesses and their needs. 

Agile CRM is one such application which is considered among the best of its kind. It is a cloud-based CRM platform for small and medium businesses that integrate functions of marketing, sales, customer engagement and web management. Their contact management, customer service, scheduling, email tracking, project management, landing pages, sales and marketing automation, social media marketing are some of the key and popular tool. 

However, no tool is perfect. There are flaws and drawbacks to every system. Many users complain about the customer support that Agile CRM provides and how they are often unresponsive. Their setup of modules can be time confusing as well. These and a few other drawbacks have promoted marketers to look for Agile CRM alternatives.

And, there are quite a few good applications in the market which businesses have found to be the apt alternatives to Agile CRM. They have been assesses in terms of usability, integration, price and other factors which influence the buying decision of marketers. 

We have listed a few 5 such alternatives to Agile CRM which are considered the best in every regard. 

EngageBay: Among the alternatives to Agile CRM, EngageBay is an affordable, end-to-end with an award-winning customer support team. Compared to Agile CRM, their email sequencing and live chat features work uniformly. Their smart lists also help to organize and manage teams better. Proposal analytics and Account-based marketing also helps to enhance productivity, unlike Agile CRM. 

Moreover, EngageBay allows you to pay and buy the Marketing, Sales and CRM modules separately and not as a single unit, which is not the case for Agile CRM. The automation problems that one may face with Agile CRM have been dealt with by EngageBay in a seamless manner. Unlike Agile CRM, it also comes with a live chat option for marketing and sales which not only adds a human touch, but also helps to make happy customers. 

Pipedrive: This is one more Agile CRM alternative which has several features in sales tracking and role-based permission. It also has better integration with other platforms compared to Agile CRM. Their customer support is also better. It allows users to make a copy of a project-specific email address and automatically populate the system with the details of that email. It is also considered to be a budget-friendly option for small-to-mid sized organizations. It integrates will with Google’s G-suite and easy to learn and adapt.                                    

Hatchbuck: Hatchbuck is one more CRM solution which helps to streamline processes and help your small business grow by nurturing prospects and driving more sales. Compared to Agile CRM, they are also great with customer support and it is much easier to admin. Their tools are also easier to use. Hatchbuck can work on Windows Mobile as well unlike Agile CRM. It also rates higher on customer experience. 

Capsule CRM: Capsule CRM is a simple, web-based tool which is apt for small businesses. It is easy to manage all relationships with Capsule CRM, and not just customers. It helps to store your data on multiple locations in real time, also takes a backup every hour. Since you access Capsule online, you will always be using the latest version. It can be easily integrated with other popular business software like FreshBooks, Zendesk, Mailchimp and others. It also has a Linux and Windows Mobile support unlike Agile CRM. 

Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft, now known as Keap is also an all-in one CRM solution for small businesses with email and social media marketing. Compared to Agile CRM, they have a better customer support team who will help you with any issues, anytime. Their marketing automation functionalities is one of the best in the market along with a east of integration with other systems. Their APIs give you a better flexibility. 

There are many more alternatives to Agile CRM that you may want to consider, yet these are some of the best. The use of CRM application will continue to rise in the coming years with new age technologies like AR and AI being incorporated in it. The choice of a CRM tool depends on the size of your business, your requirements and of course your budget. However, there should also be provision for adapting to changes as your business expands and grows.

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