4K YouTube to Mp3 – Review of Best Video to Mp3 Converter Software

YouTube to MP3 converter is used to extract audio from videos(Youtube to Mp4) that are hosted on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. There are online websites available also like KeepVid, MP3 juice which are used for mp3 downloader and download YouTube videos. It happens very often that I like a song on youTube and wanted to save it as MP3 to listen in future, but found it difficult to extract audio only. In this post I am going to share a very simple tool 4K YouTube to Mp3 that extract audio files from online videos without any complications.

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YouTube to MP3 converter

Review of 4K YouTube to Mp3 Converter Software

Before sharing my experience with 4K YouTube to Mp3 converter tool, below are some of the features that are supported by the software.

  1. Available for different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux(Ubuntu)
  2. Application is translated into several languages: English, italiano, Português
  3. Software size is 21.6 MB for windows installer

To test the software i have used the soundtrack of Inception to save as MP3 as i like it very much. Below you can see the screenshot which shows URL from YouTube.


The software retrieves information in couple of seconds and your download will start. You can also set preferences like Format(MP3, M4A,OGA), Quality(320Kbps for Best Quality) and download location.


Conclusion of 4K YouTube to Mp3 Converter

There are so many online tools that can be used to extract audio from YouTube videos, but I like 4K YouTube to Mp3 more because of simple interface and no fuss at all. Simply copy the YouTube URL and paste in the tool to download audio as MP3. 

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