4 Ways to Keep Your IPhone Working at Peak Performance

Now, that you own the mother of all smartphones, the Apple iPhone, you might be eager to keep it that way ‘prime condition’ for many years to come by. Keeping your pricey gadget in shape will not only promise long efficacy life of your device and high-performance but leverage high resale value when it’s the time to move on.

Roll down to take a look at the top five ways to lock the “like new” condition” of your Apple iPhone throughout its lifetime:

1. Turn off location

No matter how you are using your Apple iPhone, it is connected to GPS and cellular towers to locate itself in the world.  And, the featured-enabled Apps on your smartphone access the location settings to justify their usability and unique features.  Take an example; a weather app searches the site of the user to present regular local forecast, every time you drop down your notifications. To the good fortune of iPhone users, you can turn off the location tracking feature on your device, or for some individual apps. This activity of you will stop the battery from draining out, and apps for hanging, and ultimately helps to leverage better performance from your pricey gadget.

2. A protective case


It seems as given, but most people still think that a protective case gets in the way of the beauty of their iPhone. Yes, it is true to some extent, but visualize do you want your smartphone to look dull just because of some scratches and dents on it, or appear stunningly new every time you uncover the gadget. A protective case ensures that any accidental drops or bumps are absorbed it and not by your smartphone. When buying a case, look for something, you like the appearance of, otherwise you might overlook it after few days, or a week at maximum.

3. A screen protector


Screen damages impact the look your device, and deteriorates its resale market value, therefore guarding your smartphone screen is a Wiseman’s investment. When it comes to protecting the front screen, there are two options available in the market: one is ZAGG shield, which protects all sides of the iPhone covering the screen, and the other one is to combine the benefits of the front-only screen and protecting case of your choice. You can easily find genuine iPhone 7 accessories on e-commerce sites such as eBay and Amazon, or take a stroll in malls near you to get high quality, durable screen protectors.

4. A mobile phone clean kit

Many recent studies around the globe consider a handheld gadget more unhygienic than the lavatory in your residence, which is alarming for iPhone users all over the world. Two or thrice in a week, you should give your device a good cleaning, and for that, you need a sophisticated cleaning kit, which can heave by placing a query on the intent, or a store near you.  Usually, a cleaning set consists of a microfiber cleaning cloth and a gadget-safe cleaning solution.

Even after following the above four ways, you can’t guarantee artistic and utility life of your iPhone, the main thing that will keep your electronic gadget in great condition is you. So, just be careful with your iPhone and take care of it as best you can.

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