4 Tips For Using Tech In Ways That Will Help Your Life, Not Hurt It

Although technology is just about everywhere you go these days and is involved in every aspect of your life, it does not always have a positive impact. In fact, sometimes tech can actually be a negative thing, causing you to spend less time in the present and stare at screens more than you have actual human interactions. This can be a bad thing, especially for children and younger people who are growing up this way. But technology can also be very helpful and make life a lot easier. Here are 4 tips to use it in ways that will help your life and not hurt it. 

Set Limits

Setting limits on the amount of time you or your loved ones spend using technology each day is a great way to make sure you don’t overuse it. Whether your family members are reaching retirement age or just kids, it is certain that tech affects their life in some way. Do your best to make it so that they are only using it in healthy ways and quantities. 

Stay In Shape

There are many products out there such as smartwatches and smart rings that will help you to stay fit and can even give you helpful insight about your sleep habits. You can use this information to change your ways and get into better shape so that you can live a healthier lifestyle and even extend your lifespan! This is a perfect example of how you can use technology in a way that will help you and not hurt you.


Telehealth – i.e. online healthcare –  is another example of a smart way to use technology. You’ll be able to visit with your doctors and healthcare providers online which will not only save you time and money, it may also save your life. Telehealth visits allow you to find things sooner so that you don’t have to delay treatment time at all. 

Be Selective

Be selective about the types of technology you choose to use.  You don’t have to have tech in every single aspect of your life – it is OK to do some things “old school”. Choose only to use the types of technology you have fun using or those that legitimately save you time, and skip the others. This way tech won’t begin to consume your life in unhealthy ways. 

Tech is undoubtedly important, but sometimes it can actually be harmful to our lives if we aren’t careful. Be thoughtful about how you use it and follow some of the tips on this list so that tech only helps your life and doesn’t hurt it. 

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