4 Best Fitness Apps For Apple Watch

Apple Watch is a perfect fit for health-conscious people with a fitness routine, whether you’re just starting or you are a person who workout intensely. A lot of people are now switching from the standard movement analysis and heart-rate monitoring devices to these best watch brands, like the Apple Watch that enables you to monitor your health.

Monitoring your workouts and achieving your goals is the best method to maintain and boost your mental and physical health, and the Apple Watch is a wrist away to help in lots of ways. The first step would be downloading the best fitness and workout apps for the Apple Watch. This guide filter down a selection of favorites for you to save time scanning the App Store and more time doing exercises.

If you’re just a beginner with the Apple Watch, better choose the best apps for Apple Watch faces and how to personalize them. Here’s the list of best fitness apps.

Pocket Yoga

This fitness app lets you set up your yoga studio anywhere you want to practice at your style and pace. You may choose from the 27 different sessions that best fit your level. The developers equip this app with pose dictionary with the details that explain the posture, alignment, and benefits of every pose and takes you through the whole session.

The voice details and visual instructions come along with hundreds of demonstrative pictures showing the right alignment and posture. When you practice on your iPhone, additional information is offered by the watch app, containing time remaining, current pose, heart rate, and calories lost. Or control the practice from your Apple Watch.


Strava is one of the pioneering working apps that relate to the Apple Watch in some way. This app allows you to start, complete, and log a workout session straight from your Apple Watch. Strava records how much is the distance that you travel, how long you are running, your average speed, and the update of your heart rate.

When you finish, there is an option to save the session. If you are not running today, this app is capable of switching into a different sport if you want to record your other session. You’re able to explore challenges and run wherever you want with the virtual race features.


Ditch your smartphones and your stat sheet in the gym locker and instead let this app from your Apple Watch help you monitor your workout. With SmartGym, you can manage and create your every routine, add different exercises, personalize the time for a particular exercise, and pick from above 250 pre-installed workouts that have animations and images. The app monitors your training progress and history, body measurements, and share your fitness routines with others.

The Apple Watch monitors almost all that you need, distance, heart rate, and the calories that you lost. Use the data of every session to track your activity rings and activate Siri to begin your exercise. You can also customize your workout directly from the watch. 


This app’s focus is on complex strength training that uses augmented reality and 3D modeling techniques. The focus is on the reps and sets over the modeling features even with the Apple Watch’s small screen. It is to ensure that no matter what activities you are in, it will assist you in many ways.

Gymaholic also allows you to edit your sets, monitor your heart rate, and add or remove workouts through your watch. However, it would be best if you managed the workout plan how you want it to be, how to use it, and in what ways you want to improve over time. This app is the perfect fit for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and strength trainers whose interest is to gain more than anything else. 


The Apple Watch is more effective than other smartwatches by letting you know your progress and updating you on the essential activities and remind you to move. But this watch’s weakness is the analysis. If you want a watch that is luxurious, elegant, looks good on your wrist, then this watch is a good fit. 

If your conscious of your health and want to be fit, monitor your heart rate, schedule your workout, guide you through your fitness goals, then these are the apps that you want to download. Remember that there are lots of apps that you can download from your Apple Watch, choose only those apps that will help you reach your goal, and if the goal is to be healthy and fit.

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