3 Interesting Benefits of Onboard Measurement Systems

People in the trucking business are responsible for the transportation of heavy goods and even containers from one place to another. In order to make a good profit, they need to make sure that they stay on top of their game all through. That includes servicing their vehicles as needed and buying the right equipment to help the business run smoothly. One of the pieces of equipment that you can invest in if you are in the transportation business is the onboard measurement system. According to ic.gc.ca, an onboard weighing system is a device designed to be part of or attached to mobile equipment such as trucks and forklifts. They measure the weight of goods carried by these pieces of equipment. These devices are beneficial and are a worthwhile investment for any trucker because of the following reasons:

  1. Saves on time

Before such devices were invented, people had to do a manual calculation of the weight of goods aboard any truck. Therefore, in order to be accurate, the measurement would be done on two occasions; during pickup and drop-off. Several individuals were needed to ensure that the process ran smoothly; some to say the weight of the individual weight being loaded up and one to calculate the total weight. This was a waste of time and resources. However, the onboard measurement system cuts through this cumbersome process. The device is automated and automatically senses the amount of weight added onto the truck. All someone needs to do is to ensure that the value during pickup is the same during drop-off. It saves a lot of time.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is very important in business. Think about it; without your clients, you wouldn’t have a business in the first place. Therefore, clients need to be treasured. Sometimes, a conflict may arise between you and the client because of the weight the goods. The client may expect you to carry a certain amount of goods and maybe due to miscalculation you end up carrying more or less. This can make the client feel like you are not taking your job seriously. However, the onboard weighing system has changed all that. Because it is automated, you can carry the exact amount of goods the client asked you to carry. This will make your clients very happy and satisfied. Satisfied clients become loyal clients.

  1. Saves money

All the people that need to be employed in order to keep track of the goods aboard any truck need to be paid. Furthermore, if you are transporting any goods in a truck, you are required to stop at the weighing bridge where you pay some fees. If you happen to make a mistake in the calculation of the weight of the goods, you could make such a huge loss. Cumulatively, all these costs are many and very high. The Diverseco measurement onboard system saves you all this money. This is because most onboard weighing systems are automated and permanently attached to the truck unless removed. Therefore, you cut down on expenses of manual labor and even weighing bridge fees. Thanks to its accuracy, you can be sure of the weight you are carrying in order to charge your client appropriately.

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