2018 Best FREE Cloud Files Transfer – AnyTrans for Cloud

With the need of cloud storage is increasing day by day, cloud files transfers are emerging. AnyTrans for Cloud, developed by iMobie Inc., is said to be the best cloud files transfer in 2018. Here in this post, we will see what AnyTrans for Cloud can do for you and if it deserves the fame.

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What AnyTrans for Cloud Can Do for You

  1. Lightening Transfer Between Cloud and Computer

Whenever you are uploading or downloading files to/from cloud services, you can always use the maximum Internet bandwidth to make bulk transfer with AnyTrans for Cloud, which saves you a huge amount of time. Even though you are under poor internet connection while transferring, you can pick up from where the transferring stopped, that is to say, you don’t really have to restart the transferring process. Moreover, transferring files to multiple cloud services is also supported.

  1. Cloud Migration

While switching from one cloud service to another cloud service, AnyTrans for Cloud can do you a big favor. With several simple clicks, you can instantly transfer cloud files as many as you wish, as much as you want to another cloud service. Besides, no data loss would occur during the migration process.

  1. Cloud File Share

The traditional way to share iCloud data is downloading them first, then send them via email or some social apps. That’s no longer the case. AnyTrans for Cloud can help you generate an URL with which others can have download the shared files. Via some easy settings, unwanted access can be blocked. It is the best way to share cloud files while keeping all data safe and secure. 

Other Merits of AnyTrans for Cloud

1. One Login

To help more people effectively manage files on clouds, AnyTrans for Cloud supports basically all cloud services, like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and other major cloud storage services. All data on these cloud services can be accessed from AnyTrans for Cloud, with just 1 login.

2. Security

Security always goes priority. From the moment you sign in AnyTrans for Cloud, your data are under the protection of the most advanced technologies. No one can access the cloud files without your authorization.

Also Manage Your iPhone/Android

Besides this useful cloud manager, AnyTrans also offers an easier mobile content management via its iPhone manager and Android manager. Give them a try if you get any interest.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, AnyTrans for Cloud does deserve the fame of “the best cloud files transfer”. Most important of all, AnyTrans for Cloud is free to use. What are you waiting for? Why not sign up and give it a try?

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