10 Tips To Keep In Mind While Selling On Facebook

It’s true that selling on Facebook has now become a trend that people are slowly embracing and loving. The biggest benefit of this is that you don’t require any knowledge of coding and programming making it easy for you to do business on Facebook. Here are 10 tips for you before you start selling on Facebook.

Promote Your Facebook Store

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? If so, then you can promote your Facebook page by telling your customers about your presence on Facebook. Additionally, you can post offers that are exclusively available on Facebook for your customers. This can increase your traffic on Facebook and people will more likely recommend your store to others too.

Capture Attention The Right Way

When you’re selling on Facebook, it’s imperative that you create headlines that will make people notice. If you don’t do that, then the chances of people checking out your page are bleak. You should put some effort into coming up with headlines that are going to grab attention at a glance.

Create A Community

A sense of community is important when you’re planning to sell on Facebook. When people can connect with you, they’re more likely to buy from you. You can post news about your local community, what’s happening in your community, and focus on good things about your community. This will help people support your business and you’re more likely to scale faster.

Ask For Feedback

When you’re selling on Facebook, chances are that you’re not doing every little thing right. Ask them for their genuine feedback and learn from what they have to say. Encourage people to be honest so they open up and tell you how you can improve.

Tackle News Feed Smartly

Your customers are probably also connected to other businesses. You need to ensure that you’re always on their mind by posting carefully nut consistently. Don’t limit posts to sales only. Instead, ask open-ended questions and engage people by posting humor-related content, blog posts and more. This will enable you to connect with them and they will remember you.

Don’t Forget To Use Images And Videos

Videos and images are quite powerful, and adding them to your posts is going to help you in a plethora of ways. Selling on Facebook is going to be easier and you will likely see an increase in revenue because people love images and videos. They’re more eye catchy and engaging as well. Just ensure you post high-quality videos and images.

Focus On Transparent Customer Service

You can allow people to review your products on your wall. Once they share their experience when shopping on your Facebook store, you can understand how they truly feel. When they give positive feedback, you should thank them on your wall. When they give you negative feedback then you can address it. This will help people understand that you’re committed to provide good customer service and care about your customers.

Provide Offers They Can’t Resist

People love to get attention and feel good. When you’re selling on Facebook, you can attract your followers by giving them special offers. You can provide a range of discounts and promotions that only they can avail since they’re your fans and followers. This will help you get more traffic and you’re going to be making more sales as your fans will be interested to buy from you again.

Keep Improving

The Facebook store keeps adding new updates and tools on their platform and you should be on the lookout for when they roll out.  

Use these tools as best as you can to improve customer service and experience.

Give Incentives They Cannot Refuse 

While you should focus on selling on Facebook to your existing customers, you can give incentives to newer customers. You can provide an offer to the new fans or those who liked your post. This can help spread the word faster and people will be more willing to like your pages. 

Selling on Facebook is great but what if you have a Shopify store and want to sell on Facebook? The good news is you can easily do this since the process is an intuitive one. You don’t need to create a custom store which can take much longer and requires more effort.

Moreover, it has been found that more than 20% of customers buy products that are on Facebook. This shows how Facebook can be an excellent medium to get your products out there. You can earn high revenue when you choose to set up a Shopify Facebook store. In addition, a Shopify Facebook store helps you build your business by increasing your brand’s visibility.

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