10 Mobile Applications Every Job Seekers Should Have

Job hunting is so difficult every applicant uses every means to land a good job. Gone are the days when job seekers are limited to computers and personal connections to know about job openings. Today they can be hired with the help of their smart phones.

There are plenty of mobile applications that help fresh graduates, or career shifters, to look for the best company to match their skills. Best thing about these tools is job seekers can access them anytime. You can find jobs, practice interview questions and read career tips at your convenience. This means you increase opportunities to find a job.

Want to find a job fast? These mobile tools can help you:

  1. LinkedIn

This is the quintessential phone application for job seekers. LinkedIn is known as a social networking tool for professionals but they also provide an effective job board, which helps you find suitable work according to your preferences. Recently, LinkedIn opened an iOS application perfect for job hunting.

  1. Monster Job Search

“Better Access, Better Connections for Better Jobs.” This is what Monster Jobs promises to their users and they are great in keeping that promise. This application offers a great job searching feature which you can set to your preferred salary, industry and location. The tool also updates you with the hiring trends and job activities to help you make smart career choices.

  1. Job Search – Simply Hired

With their extensive job database, building a career using Simply Hired is convenient. You can filter job search results to match your skills and experiences. Its smart algorithm also detects the most suitable jobs for you. Connect your LinkedIn profile to store resumes faster.

  1. Freelancer – Talent & Jobs

Do you prefer a part-time or project-based job? You should install Freelancer. This tool lets you monitor fresh projects and bid for it easily. You can also create professional profiles to attract clients and land a job. While working on a project, you can use this app as effective communication tool with your boss wherever you are.

  1. Switch – Love Your Job Search

Switch lets you connect with hiring managers from top tech companies like IBM, Apple, Google and Facebook. You get daily job recommendations that match your salary. And just like Tinder, the famous dating app, you just swipe right to apply for an interesting position.

  1. Job Interview Question-Answer

Prepare for a job interview using Job Interview Question-Answer. With the help of Peggy Mckee, a recognized career coach, you can practice answering questions often asked during interviews. This application boosts your confidence, which increases your chance of getting hired.

  1. Social Media Job Search-Jobjuice

This application teaches you how to use social media to enhance your personal branding. It’s more than a hundred informative cards, which consolidates helpful concepts, framework and strategies about social media job search. This lets you reach out to companies and encourage them to hire you.

  1. Stylebook

Picking the perfect pair of clothes for an interview can be difficult. But with the help of Stylebook, you can digitally pair your outfit to see which one looks good together. This iOS app also suggests outfit inspiration you can buy in their shop. Now, you can attend an interview and create a first impression that would last.

  1. Calendar

Schedule your job interviews on your calendar to keep track of your appointments. Calls from hiring staff can be overwhelming, this tool helps you not to miss any opportunities.

  1. Google maps

Maps are essential tools in job hunt. With this tool, you’ll know which train to take or which street to turn and be on your meeting place on time. Getting lost, or late, can shake your psyche that can affect your confidence during the interview.

Job hunting can be extremely difficult, especially when other applicants have become very competetive. The number of decent offers are now rare as well. Sometimes scouting jobs feel like searching for a needle in a pile of haystack.

So when you find a job post that you really like, you have to be proactive to seal an interview. The best way to achieve this is by using the tools above. They will increase you chance of finding a job, securing an interview, and getting hired.

About the Author: Sherry Franklin is a writer and a blogger, who has been writing for Resumesplanet. She is a techie

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