10 iOS Apps That Still Not Exist For Android

The iPhone is one of the most aspirational gadgets of our generation being on the wishlist of almost every tech- savvy person. Along with the iPad, both possessing sleek design and superior hardware capabilities, it attracts a lot of developers looking to create iOS apps which run exclusively on these devices. Let’s have a look at some of them.   


A podcast app that has a very useful Smart Speed feature which automatically edits silences and gaps in the broadcast thus creating a distortion free and seamless user experience. Minimal and elegant in appearance, it has a very simple interface with download facility for offline playing and a Voice Boost attribute assisting in consistent volume quality by boosting up quite voices while lowering the loud ones without any manual intervention.

2.Hyperlapse from Instagram

Time lapse videos can be created without the aid of any additional equipment like tripods, by deploying this app on an iPhone or iPad. Developed by Instagram, it allows for instant stabilization of the video footage even if it was shot while in motion. The videos can be accelerated up to 12 times their original speed and can be shared directly by integrating with Instagram and Facebook accounts.


This note- taking tool from Shiny Frog Ltd., does not cost a penny and in addition to its primary objective lets an individual write and save prose, codes and even draw sketches. The feature of converting the text to PDF or Word file format make it a really helpful tool. Searching amongst numerous notes is smooth in Bear as it has functionalities built in order to look for specific things like @task to look for to-dos or @files to find notes with attachments.

4.Enlight Photofox : Photo Editor

An update of the earlier Enlight app, this new version goes beyond simple modifications and is armed with capabilities for creative compositing with superimposition, layering and seamless blending effects which can be helpful for professionals looking for creating promotional material. The basic  variant is free and this highly advanced product is a must- have for photography enthusiasts looking for converting their images into something more artistic.


Developed by Moleskine, a company known for its tasteful stationery products, this calendar application boasts of a minimalist design with elements like an adjustable week calendar and animated weather forecasts along with travel predictor. Uncomplicated event creation, a heat map characteristic that shows the busy and free days and sync options to other compatible devices via iCloud are other notable qualities that make it stand out in the crowded field of iOS apps.

6.Sky Guide

A most innovative app that an iOS development company can build, launching it and pointing towards the night sky will convert the random splattering of stars into constellations, planets and other heavenly bodies. Its filter provides information about those entities invisible to the naked eye and the red night mode helps in adapting the vision to the darkness with a notification system that alerts in case of a notable stellar activity.

7.Tweetbot 4

A paid Twitter client that makes managing multiple accounts on the social network across various compatible devices a comfortable task. Built-in functionalities for saving message drafts, following lengthy discussion threads, analyzing accounts’ performance by viewing statistics and editing lists make this an irresistible choice for Twitter- users.


This robust email client was very popular with Mac users and it is enjoying the same adulation after its launch on the iOS platform too. iCloud sync along with support for Gmail, Exchange EWS, IMAP and POP3 make it ideal for travelling professionals handling numerous accounts. Unified inbox, bulk editing features, search and filter options and labelling facilities are other qualities of this subscription fee based product.


Ideal for entrepreneurs dealing with regular shipments, this tracking application supports almost all the major services like UPS, FedEx, DHL etc. in addition to following packages delivered by Amazon and Apple, provided it is allowed in your country. Sync it with the iCloud account and one can add new items to track from a web browser itself.


Hugely popular sketching app has allowed a large number of people give expression to their creativity when used with either its parent company FiftyThree’s stylus or with the Apple pencil. Free hand compositions get the professional touch with its auto-correction tool and a variety of templates aid in designing appealing presentations.


These iOS apps with varying functionalities and features, exclusively available on the platform are the envy of other system users and get hold of them to increase the productivity of your Apple device.

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 Patrick Mosteller is a professional app developer working for iOS app development company   (Mintlogix). He is an expert at dealing with various app development issues and is curious  about  best mobile app design tools and discovering new ideas about mobile marketing. He has brilliant knowledge about all aspects of app designing.

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