10 Effective Online Tools To Defeat Writer’s Block

Have you found yourself staring at your monitor for almost half an hour? Yes, that happened. There are times when the writers suffer from writer’s block, where there are absolutely no ideas popping up in their heads. There are many reasons why writers have been experiencing this. Firstly, the indecisiveness on what to say as they wanted it to be perfect. Secondly, writer’s mood swings. And thirdly, the fear of what other’s might say about their stories.

These tools definitely can shed some light to defeat this writer’s arch-nemesis. Go ahead and check these out.

Photo credit via blog.mi.edu

Photo credit via blog.mi.edu

To organize your thoughts.

1. Write2lite

Random great thoughts often come and go. Most of the time, great ideas come to the very least we expected – without our pen and paper ready. If this happened, fret not as in this age of social media, this free application will save you. It has a friendly-user and customizable fonts and themes. Use it anytime, and anywhere in organizing thoughts.

2. Jott

You need to inquire about something, or some advices from a friend, maybe? Chatting with your friends on what they think about your writings is possible in this app. The good thing is you don’t need an internet to do so. So if you are struggling for anything, you can simply chat and send, receive a friend replies right off the bat.

3. Note Everything

This application will not only allow you to write down your notes, but it also allows you to even leave some voice notes. So if you are feeling lazy and surly to write down some ideas during your writing day, let this tool do its job.

4. Bubbl.us

Using this in organizing thoughts when you can’t think of any is advisable. It will provide you a numerous creative ideas for your topics. Couple with the creativity service it offers, Bubbl.us can save a lot of your time and improve one’s productivity. If this mind mapping application didn’t get your things done, then I don’t know any.

5. DarkRoom

Most us are prone to distraction. As a writer, I cannot easily get my focus onto something. This app helped me a lot. The green retro color of the text will let you focus on your writing. So if you wanted to start your novel by drafting characters – this will help you get focused on the characters you are about to build.

To get an inspiration.

6. iZenGarden

Want to go to a peaceful place to write? It is easy, just go to this application and get inspired by its graphic illustrations of beautiful places. This will give you all the peace and tranquility of a beautiful Zen Garden right on your iPad.

7. Essay-on-time

You can also get an inspiration on this site. If you had a fear not to make a perfect write-up, you can ask or collaborate in this site’s editor or whatsoever. A well crafted content material can be more likely to grab the attention of probable readers.

8. Dragon Dictation

There are lucky people who can get easily inspired by looking at their random notes written on a piece of paper. Most of the time, some great ideas come to our mind in a whim. Better be ready. This app will let you dictate your ideas- that is if you were too lazy to write, or your hands were busy – perhaps when you were standing in the grocery line.

9. Visual Einsten

Powerful visual manager of information. Download this, so you could get many and reliable article references without a hassle. It has a capacity to direct its user to the link sources. It is very helpful if you’re writing need a lot of reference information.

10. Note Plus

This application permits you to scribble your opinions, then simply circle the one you need. After doing this, those scribble you want to include in your writing can convert into text, while not having to retype them all.

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